Friday, June 12, 2009

Goldilocks and the Threaded Needles

I'm not Goldilocks nor do I have golden hair but I did feel like Goldilocks the other night. I finally sat down to start my exchange piece and grabbed a needle off my little magnet...stitched a few stitches and deemed the needle too thick. "This needle is too thick!" Then I grabbed another needle and threaded it and realized it was more like a sewing needle and too bendy with too small an eye. "This needle is too bendy!" That just wouldn't do! So off goes Goldilocks...errrr...I mean off I go to the big ol' craft cabinet to grab a size 28 Bohin needle and then everything was just right! "This needle is just right!" *sigh*

Except it was late by that point and I didn't continue stitching!

I have been incredibly scattered this week and haven't stitched much of anything. I have frogged a lot though. I will have to show you that sad, sad picture comparison soon.

I feel exhausted! I try to go to sleep early but my brain is always a buzzing to begin with but now it's buzzing with interest rates and financing options and the internal debate as to why all the colors I like for a car come with cream interior and I **don't** want cream interior!! Argh! I'm pretty confident with my financing now since I've pre-qualified for two loans at very good rates. But since I have very good credit (woo!! that was a fab realization yesterday), I can probably score better financing through the dealership through one of those purchasing incentive deals provided they have those sales going on. I feel pretty confident that financially...I can do it! Woohoo! I'm still scared to deal with the salepeople so I told *the boy*, it's his job to be the bulldog.

So this weekend, I think I will start hitting the car lots just to sit and see if I like the dash and take a test drive or two. That will be in-between the housesitting, hitting my neighborhood's "Art in the Park" Festival which is one of my favorites and the usual errands, tv, stitching and baking juggle.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Until next time...


Missy Ann said...

I adore Bohin needles. I don't have any tapestry, but I have some of their embroidery needles. They are fantastic. I wish they were more commonly stocked.

Carol R said...

Can't wait to see your new wheels!
Love the Goldilocks and Three Needles!

Lisa said...

I enjoyed the "fractured fairy tale" as my young son informed me your story was! Hope that car shopping is going well this weekend. They never seem to have the car your dream of at the dealership - you either have to settle or order. Good luck and can't wait to hear how it ends up!
Take care,
PS...Farmer's market in Pleasanton was full of plump blueberries. I thought of your story from last weekend as I ate a whole pint while walking up & down main street. :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I hate shopping for cars. Love the Goldilocks analogy, though. lol