Monday, June 29, 2009

Nothing Exciting to Report

I wish I had exciting stuff to report. I had grand aspirations for the weekend. I would stitch my heart out and get my exchange done and start on the round robin. I would go check out cars in San Jose. I would drag *the boy* to the eye doctor and find him some new eyeglasses that didn't make him look like an old man (like his old glasses) and had some style.

But there were a couple of hang-ups with my plan.

#1. It was 95 degrees...where I live...which is unimaginable when you live in a 3rd floor walk-up apartment without air conditioning. Yep...95 degrees without air conditioning is not a cool thing. I barely had the energy to hold my q-snap to stitch. Not to mention the mind-splitting migraine I had most of Saturday. Saturday basically took a crapper. We managed to go to the eye doctor and have lunch before the jackhammering started in my head. We headed home and I laid on the futon for the rest of the day with ice on my neck and all the windows open and the fans going just trying to catch the breeze and cool off a little.

#2. Blasted frogs! The little bit I did stitch on the round robin and 2nd half of my exchange needed to be frogged from miscounting. I had really wanted to finish my exchange and make a decent start on the round robin but it was frustrating to get to a certain point and be all excited and then realize I had to frog the whole bit! Stitching was definitely not in my favor this weekend. I will be stitching and finishing a ton this week to catch up.

The only successful thing this weekend was finding *the boy* some cool glasses. And trust me...that took some doing!

So no pictures since there was no stitching and I felt like my head was going to fall off my body with all the jackhammering. I could insert a picture of the Centurion event in my neighborhood....had I taken my camera along with me yesterday. This event happens every year and my neighborhood becomes overrun with bicycling enthusiants. Here are a couple of pictures from last year. *The boy* managed to snag a curb-side table where we could sit and have breakfast and be entertained.

Nothing else new...will have a stash picture to show soon. Because apparently, the only thing that I'm managing to do all that well is shop for new stash!

I have the feeling Stitchy Tuesday will be all about finishing the stitching on my exchange and finishing it. But :::drumroll:::, I'm on vacation starting Wednesday and the plan is to stitch, stitch and stitch some more! Well...that's if all goes according to plan! Now I just need to queue up those chick flicks and my vacation will be just perfect!!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Until next time...


Melissa said...

Ouch, migraines are no fun. Sorry you weren't feeling well on the weekend. Hopefully things will be better, and you're on vacation soon!

Looking forward to stash photos!

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about the migraine. It must be going around because I had one and several of the neighbors didn't feel well...must be the high temps! Water and rest and cooling off is the prescription :)
Less than 24hrs to vacation...YAHOO! I look forward to photo posts of finishes and stash! :)
Take care!

mainely stitching said...

Here's to a break in the weather, and all the good that will come with it!

CindyMae said...

We have been reaching the 100's here but we do have air conditioning, I could not imagine not have it, I am so sorry for you!!! I am sending cool thoughts your way!

Cindy Mae
My store opens July 1st!!