Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesdays Are My Stitchy Night

Well, it was a very busy weekend with lots of activity! The birthdaying and bon-voyaging all went well but it didn't leave very much time to stitch.

*The boy* turned the big 3-8 on Sunday. To celebrate, we headed to his beloved Franchino in North Beach for an awesome Italian dinner. Since he's a regular at this little family owned establishment, he was treated to a yummy dessert by the owner after the *entire* restaurant sang Happy Birthday to him! It was hysterical! *The boy* was very happy and as a bonus, he enjoyed the birthday presents I gifted to him. It seemed like everywhere we went, people were throwing free desserts at him. While incredibly yummy...I think I need to fast for the next week! I was supposed to take a picture of his birthday cake slice with candle but won't you know, I got all frazzled and forgot after said slice fell over onto the table twice! Ugh! Finally just had to lay the slice down on a bigger plate and slam the candle in it. At least it didn't fall on the table with a lit candle on it. There is always something to be thankful for! =)

The parentals made it to their destination with no problems other than forgetting their spending money! A daughter's job is never done! They had just gone through security when this discovery came to light so my stitchy Tuesday will be busy with taking care of that, laundry, cleaning out their fridge and taking out the garbage. I thought I could enjoy the week before the true housesitting duties kicked in but forgetful 80 year olds will always create more work for you, won't you know it!

With all the activity...very little stitching got done but I have finished as much of my Wishful Sheep as I could. I ran out of two colors so I cannot finish the cake. So there are missing stitches of Old Lace and Soft Black on the cake with a little rose backstitching and the birthday hat button still needs to be sewn on. So close!
I'm carting around the supplies to start my Christmas in July exchange. I am hoping to get to it sooner than later since it has a far distance to travel. Hopefully by the weekend, I can get a good amount of it done but you know what that means...Yup! No stitchy pictures for a bit unless I sneak some time on my ABCs. We'll see.

This week proves to be a busy one between work, housesitting and car research. I hope to stitch...my list of to-stitch's keeps getting longer and longer but not as long as my list of to-dos. I hope everyone had a happy weekend and you all have a nice week!

Until next time...

Edited: I started the refrigerator cleanout at my parent's on Saturday where I took home about 8lbs of carrots. How many carrots do two 80-year olds eat?! Jeezus! I am taking my dad's Costco card away!! Even after giving 10 carrots to my apartment manager...I still have a ton. If anyone can lead me to some good carrot recipes...help! I'm looking for a lowfat(ish) carrot cake recipe. I keep coming across many that call for over a cup of oil! Ick...Anybody want some carrots?! ;-)


The Daily Mel said...

Love those Shepherd's Bush sheepies. :)

Missy Ann said...

Happy birthday to the boy! And the only thing that's better than cake is birthday cake. :D

I love your little sheep. Those little one word SB designs are too cute for words.

Theresa said...

Your little sheep is just adorable~~~
I'm glad you had a nice evening with the boy~

Carol R said...

A belated Happy Birthday to *the boy*.

Love the little sheep.

Melissa said...

Love the sheepie!

Carrot Soup. Carrot Slaw. Carrot Juice (not very appealing), Carrot Souffle. Mashed potatoes with Carrots. Lastly, Carrot Sticks!

Howzdat? ;-) Good luck Girl.

Beth Ann said...

If you like Carrot Cake, instead of using oil, try using apple sauce instead-just use the same amount called for.

Love your Sheep, and your Blog !! I just found you about two weeks ago and added you to my favorites :).

Michelle said...

Oh those Sheep are so cute, I really need to stitch one. Happy birthday to the boy!

CindyMae said...

Happy late birthday to the boy!!! Sounds like a great dinner! Love the sheep!!!

Nina said...

How cute is this! I love SB design ;))