Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Charlie Brown Christmas, Part 1

For being such a Snoopy/Peanuts fan, I've never really watched any of the specials or movies. I am a fan based solely on the comic strips. I loved reading the comics as a kid. I actually liked reading the paper. And on Sunday, forget it! I was in comic strip heaven!

The other day, I flipped the channel and they were showing A Charlie Brown Christmas so I watched it...well, most of it...

And it starts like this...

Narrator: It was finally Christmastime, the best time of the
year. The houses were strung with tiny colored lights, their
windows shining with warm yellow glow only Christmas could bring.
The scents of pine needles and hot cocoa mingled together,
wafting through the air, and the sweet sounds of Christmas carols
could be heard in the distance.
Fluffy white snowflakes tumbled from the sky onto a group of
joyful children as they sang and laughed, skating on the frozen
pond in town. Everyone was happy and full of holiday cheer. That
is, everyone except for Charlie Brown.

Charlie: (to Linus) I think there must be something wrong with
me. I just don’t understand Christmas, I guess. I might be
getting presents and sending Christmas cards and decorating trees
and all that, but I’m still not happy. I don’t feel the way I’m
supposed to feel.

Linus: Charlie Brown, you are the only person I know who can take
a wonderful season like Christmas and turn it into a problem.
Maybe Lucy is right. Of all of the Charlie Browns in the world,
you are the Charlie Brownest.

Hmmmm, does this mean I am like Charlie Brown? Linus explains the true meaning of Christmas.

It puts things into perspective some don't you think?

Very little stitching in my corner of the world. The kitten search has been slightly traumatic and I'm going to take a couple of days off from that at the very least. My search only bore the lesson that I am better off dealing with the shelter. The people there are pleasant and nice and don't pressure you to change your views or talk you into kittens or cats you don't want or aren't sure you do want or tell you a bunch of horror stories. My experiences with rescue organizations has been pretty crappy so far. Enough to have my anxiety shooting through the roof. And even though I was on track for an adoption, I couldn't deal with the hard sell tactics. It was like I was buying a used car instead of adopting a kitten and providing it a good home and a loving environment. I know the right kitten is out there for me. I'm not going to be pressured into the wrong situation. And I feel like I will know when it's right. Just like I felt it was right with that cute orange tabby that got away. For the moment, all the excitement has been sucked away by the hard sell.

That's ok though because I have stitching to do and fabric to fondle and threads to choose.

Tomorrow comes part 2 of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Once I untangle myself from the giftwrap, tape and ribbons...stay tuned.

Until next time...


Catherine said...

So glad to hear you won't let yourself be pressured into a kitty that isn't right for you. You'll know when it is right!

Margaret said...

Oh wow! How interesting that you never watched the Peanuts tv shows. I grew up on them. :D I love the Charlie Brown Christmas. Hope you're not feeling too Charlie Brownie. I think you're right -- being pressured into adopting a kitten is not right at all. Take your time. When the time is right, it will happen. Mia just dropped into our laps out of the blue.

Deb said...

Don't lose heart with the kitty. The right one will come along and you'll be so glad that you waited. I had the same experience trying to get a dog that way. I was put through the third degree about everything and couldn't believe that us wanting to give a dog a loving home would be so traumatic to all of us with the run arounds we got. So I bought one. And he's great and is the right one for us.

And Charlie Brown - love him, love him. In fact, some of the music was played by the orchestra at my wedding. Different, but I just love that music.

Myra said...

I loved a Charlie Brown Christmas as a child too. I really need to watch it again.

Please don't let anyone pressure you into a quick decision on a kitten. That is a decision you will live with for hopefully a very long time and it needs to be the right one. It will happen, probably when you least expect it.

Pumpkin said...

Gee, I didn't think adopting a kitten was that complicated :o( I hope it gets better for you.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Valerie!

Ann Marie said...

I know there are a lot of good rescue groups out there BUT there are a lot of difficult & outrageous ones out there too. I ran into a lot of ridiculousness from rescue groups before I got Jack. Sorry you got a lot of weird pressure from these folks.

Anonymous said...

We knew as soon as we met both of our cats that they were for us. You're doing the right thing by waiting, even though it's disappointing :)

Love the CB clip, I've never seen the films (I don't think they've ever been on over here) and like you, just read the comic strips! Have a great Christmas!

Jackie said...

I really believe that the right kitty will come into your life at the right time. Listen to your inner voice - she knows what she's talking about! :)

Siobhan said...

Good for you for not allowing yourself to be pressured. I can't allow myself to look at certain places, sites, the pound, etc.--I know I'd have more animals than Noah's Ark if I did.

I love Charlie Brown!

Katrina said...

Don't be pressured but, and here's my motherly side coming out, don't over think it either. You've decided you want a cat, find a lovey little kitty and go for it :-).

Love the Charlie Brown clip, I always watched the specials, LOL.

Melissa said...

Oh I love Peanuts and the whole gang!

I'm sorry to hear that the kitten search is such a pain at the moment. You're right not to buckle under pressure! The right one will come along.

Meanwhile I hope you'll find some comfort in stitching!

Carol said...

I've always heard that the holidays weren't a good time to adopt a pet, Valerie, so perhaps that is true. I would imagine that in January or February when things have calmed down and a new year has begun, that the perfect little ball of fluff will win your heart. I'm sure he or she is out there :)

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Andrea said...

We listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack every year...I love that music so much. It's not Christmas without it.

The right kitty is out there...you will find him/her....
Too bad people feel the need to be so weird about the whole thing.
All of our kitties have been "alley" cats...kittens we literally picked up out of a box in someone's alley, lol! They were the best cats we ever had! My son did adopt one from a rescue group that was working out of Petsmart...they were very easy to deal with though. Just filled out a questionaire, paid the fee and walked out with him. I think if you're willing to pay the $80 something dollars for a kitten that they're pretty sure you're not going to abuse it. I don't know...it just shouldn't be so complicated for you!

Sorry I missed your visit to Texas...all I have done since the week of Thanksgiving is work!!! I'm at the end of my rope now!
Anyway, hopefully the next time you're here I can be free.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

PS. The word verification is "fleabse"...I thought it said "fleabag" LOL!