Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ms. Scrooge

23 days til 2011
16 days til my furlough and 10 glorious days to myself...and stitching...and maybe playing with a new kitty...and spending time with family.

Those are things I am looking forward to...

I haven't been in a blogging mood since I am in a hunker-down mode to get myself through the holidays. I am yet again Ms. Scrooge. I enjoy seeing everyone's photos of decorations and I live vicariously through their Christmas spirit and prettily lit Christmas trees. Those of you that have trees solely decorated with hand-stitched ornies, I stand up and applaud. OMG, can I get my needle to stitch faster?! I envision one of those little trees in my home someday. But for now, I've slapped a wreath on the door and that's about it. At least the hallway smells all pine-y and nice. I hope my neighbors appreciate it!

I've been re-organizing and cleaning...trying to kittyproof because I want a Christmas Kitty. I still have to re-organize my stash and put all the things like floss, fabric and such that I have lying about IN my cabinet because, you know, that's what it's there for. And while I'm doing that, I may as well box up the VHS and get rid of them seeing as I don't watch them because I don't have a VCR anymore and what's the point of keeping VHS if they are practically obsolete?! So little projects like that keep cropping up. Busy, Busy. I'll soon go to the pet store to look for a kitty bed and scratching post and food bowls and placemat so those are already here when I get the kitten. I want to be prepared.

I'm also dealing with annoying little issues that have cropped up that kind of round out the feeling of "rounding out an already bad year". Things like discovering a tear in the fabric of my 3-month old recliner. I am still trying to figure out who will come out to fix it but they had better come soon! At least the recliner is still under it's one year warranty but really...3 months in and it's got a problem?! And I received one of those lovely "give me your first born" red light camera traffic violations. Seriously, why does California have so many budget problems when they are bleeding people dry with these fines?! And for the record, I didn't run the red going straight. I made a right turn without stopping at the red because it had just turned and the coast was clear. No "Camera Enforced" sign. But the plain fact is I didn't stop at a red. Do I really want to go in front of a judge and say I was starving and stuffing my face with popcorn on the way to buy some fake Spanx and the coast was clear and won't you give me a break because I have a clean record?! I don't think they would understand. I will just have to pay the fine and go to traffic school. Terrible timing. Huge fine to pay while having to buy Christmas gifts too!

2011 can't come soon enough!
Onto the stitchy stuff...

On Saturday, my stitching group had their Christmas get together. It was a lot of fun to see ladies I only get to see occasionally and be dressed up (for me) and have a fancy lunch. I stitched a little, I knitted a little and talked a lot, You have the option of participating in an ornament exchange and this year, I whipped something up.
Thanks to Karen V. for posting her overdyed conversion. I don't have very much silk and so I used her suggested colors of GAST Endive, Piney Woods and Oatmeal with DMC 347. Stitched on a scrap of 32 count Lakeside Linens Pearled Barley. I backed it with the fabric shown here and did a braid with skinny green ribbon for the hanger. It was the first time I used the sewing machine in months and I think it turned out nice. Simple yet elegant. It did make me realize that I need to stock up on some pretty ribbons because I am seriously lacking in that area of finishing supplies!

I also stitched an ornie for myself. This was the first ornie of the three that I recently stitched. I fell in love with it and just had to keep it. I think I would like a pinkeep style finish and don't feel up to cutting the matboard at the moment. My creativity really seems stunted when it comes to finishing despite being surrounded by wonderful ideas in blogland...I wonder why.
Tweet Gift by Full Circle Designs
2010 JCS Ornament Issue
32 count Vintage Examplar
Recommended Threads

I stitched a third ornie which was for the Hooked on Exchanging Ornament Exchange. I'm a little worried as I haven't heard if it's been received and it didn't have far to go. I guess USPS is busy with the holiday boom.

And last but not least is my TUSAL jar. It got quite full...mainly from ornie stitching and fraying linen threads which I stuck in there.

I'm wondering what to do with my orts in the new year as after the next new moon, I think I will start over from scratch.It's fun to see the threads fill up the jar and how they vary in color. Daffycat is continuing the TUSAL this year. Go sign up if you're interested!

Over the weekend, I pulled out Mary Wigham. Talk about a blast from the past! I am still working on the same motif...the weird funky flower. I am 1.5 motifs from completing Part 1. OMG, there's 8 more parts to it! Ack! But in all seriousness, it's nice to see the motifs transform and since each one is a different color, it feels like a mini happy dance each time you complete one. I decided to stitch this as a true reproduction meaning I'll be stitching Mary's initials and not my own. I figure if I'm going this route, I may as well go all the way. I'll be personalizing AotH next year anyways. It doesn't look much different than the last time I posted, ohhhh months upon months ago, so I will wait until I at least finish the funky flower before posting a photo. I need to get cracking so I can liven up the Mary Wigham blog and be a good moderator. Life seriously got in the way this year.

I've been reading about the Crazy January Challenge on so many blogs lately. That is one crazy challenge! I will not be taking part though because I have anxiety attacks when I have more than 4 works in progress! But I am going to enjoy seeing what everyone is up to.

Well, as I end my post, I want to take the time to say thank you to my regular blog readers and followers. When I was feeling especially low this year, I'd come on my little blog and whine and your positive comments and hugs really helped me power through all the emotions I had been feeling and make me feel a little less alone...and well...I've been feeling lonely a lot. I don't think that people really understand how stitchers really bond and come together. But I am thankful that we do. And in the new year, I will do a little something special. I don't know how and I don't know what, but it's coming. And even though I am Ms. Scrooge, I hope that you and yours are enjoying the holiday season full of twinkly lights, decorated trees, carols and smiles. May your season be merry and bright.

Now me, I need to find some cider to make me some spiked mulled cider and then I won't be so scrooge-y! :)

Until next time...


Natasha said...

I think a christmas kitty will surely give you some happy memories and will be a wonderful start to the new year. remember I am always up for kitten hunting with you :) I would love to have a cat so I will have to live vicariously through you :)

I put a tree up as I do every year but being so far away from our familys ofr me its hard to get into the spirit, but turning the tree on at night is a pretty sight :)

We will have to get together for lunch during your time off if you are not to busy.
Take Care

Jackie said...

I can't wait to "meet" your Christmas kitty!

The January Crazies does not appeal to me in the least bit either. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone does with it but it holds no personal appeal. The two ornies you stitched are two I just kitted up. I really like both of them. I need to start a ribbon collection too. So many fun things to do!

I predict that 2011 is going to be a very fine year for you!

Myra said...

OH a Christmas kitty will be delightful. You are smart to start kitty proofing now - they get into everything! Love your ornament your made for the exchange. Keep stitching and you will have one of those little stitchy trees next year. I am still working on filling mine up.

Shelleen said...

I wish you lived closer. I have a 4-6 month old kitten. My son got it for his apartment while at school. Then his roommates dropped out last week and then cancelled the rent and went home leaving my son homeless. he now has moved into another apartment with someone. Anyways I now have his kitten and I already have 4 cats lol. You will have to share pics of the new kitten, when you get it.

Theresa said...

I think having a kitty will cheer you up!! Can't wait to meet him/her!!

Melissa said...

Ahhh, sweetie, tis that time of year for the Scrooges to come out too. It's the pressure and expectations of the season that can get to us all! I think a little kitty is a grand idea! Can't wait to see the bundle of joy!

I'm like you, if I have too many WIP's (like 2 or 3!) I fret. It'll be fun to watch others with the January challenge but it's not for me either!

I'm looking forward to my time off too! Take care!

Cheryl said...

Well i hope 2011 is a better year for you! I dont have time to comment on blogs much these days but i am still reading!
I officially gave up on Mary Wigham...cut up my fabric and everything.

Sadie said...

Love both your ornaments Valerie, they are so cute. Like you, I also am envious of the folks with stitchy filled trees. I think it will be another 5-10 years before I can have a completly stitchy tree. Oh well, it's something to aim for :-)
I am sure that a christmas kitty will be just the thing to chase away a bout of the scrooges. I can't wait to see pics :-)
2011 is going to be just fine x x x

Cath said...

Love your ornies , and looking forward to seeing kitty pics. X

Anonymous said...

Another one who's not going to be doing the January challenge :) I don't actually mind having a larger number of WIPs, but I have other plans for next year.

I love your BBD ornament and am glad I could help with the threads, yours turned out great! Love the little birdie ornament too.

So sorry about the traffic fine, that's too bad :( I really hope 2011 is a better year for you, you really deserve it! :) Enjoy your break (and your new kitty, if you get one).

Margaret said...

A Christmas kitten is the perfect thing to end your Scroogey feeling. I'm glad you're going for it! Kittens are so much fun! We are behind in Christmas stuff and I don't know if it will get better -- too busy. I love that ornie you made for the exchange --- sooo pretty! And I love the one you are keeping for yourself too! Good luck with Mary Wigham. She's a pretty one. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season full of happiness and cheer. And may your 2011 be much much better for you than 2010 was. Hugs!

Julie said...

A lovely post to read, how exciting to be planning for a new friend to come live with you.

I hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you filled with love, laughter and lots of supr things to make you happy

Hazel said...

Awww a christmas kitty - sweet! Don't forget the litter tray. I loved Karens version too and it looks like you also did a splendid job of the ornie. We have no decs up at all at the minute but hopefully soon. xx

Vonna said...

Sweet Valerie, you are too hard on yourself :) Hope that cider knocked your socks off and you were singing "rockin' around the Christmas tree".... LOL!
A NEW KITTY!!! Just think how fun that will be! Are you getting one from the humane society or pet store? If I were you...I'd get two :) They are so much fun...I'm so glad we have Chatty and Red in our lives. Are you getting a boy or a girl? See...crazy cat lady here...
I'm thinking a cat to share you life will perk you right up!
LOVE your ornaments, they are darling. LOVE that blackbird one and I know I need to get Karen's conversion and print it out, because I loved hers when I saw it.
Keep trudging on...the rainbow is right around the corner :)

Sally said...

Lots of hugs to you Valerie. I think a lot of people feel like this at this time of year. I'm hoping 2011 will be better.

Love your finishes.

Maggee said...

IF I wasn't allergic, I might have a kitty or two! I really like the Tweety Present ornie... have to look for that pattern! ALL your ornies are terribly cute! I hope that your holidays take a turn for the Better! Hugs!

Karin said...

Oh fun a Christmas kitty!!!! Love your ornaments and I picked up another Mary who was neglected for a long time too (aka Mary Peacock). It is so much fun to stitch on all these different motives.

Like you I am not interested in the Crazy January challenge. I don't want the pressure and I don't want to commit myself to that many projects. I am more of I want to stitch whatever my mood is LOL
Enjoy your time off and the kitty!!

Catherine said...

A Christmas kitty would be so sweet!! What would you name her/him? Something relevant to the season?

Loved your ornaments - especially the one you "whipped up" - it's beautiful!

Here's to ending this year of 2010 and bringing on 2011!! May it be filled with much love and happiness - and a new kitty!!

Katrina said...

Wow that's a lot of information ;-)! Fun on the kitty, bummer on the fine and traffic school? Big yuck.

Put your orts in a glass Christmas ornament and use one of those pretty pens to right the year on it.

I tend to be a Scrooge on the tree thing. I did put one up this year but mostly because my DH nagged me into it, LOL.

I love the January crazies and I am all in, projects kitted and ready to go ;-).

Cute ornaments! I am try to de-Scrooge enough to do an ornament for my guild meeting on Sunday, guess I better get busy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am soooooo reposting my end of the year post from last year for you! It will make you laugh!

Your finishes are darling! I love that BBD piece so much. I am not doing the January crazy thing either. I think it would make my head explode to have that many unfinished projects around. I really want to finish Mary Wigham and Sarah Woodham before I do anything else. I have two sections of Mary done and a quarter of Sarah.

Sorry your holidays are not as jolly as you would like them to be. You're awesome. Don't be too hard on yourself. :) Can't wait to meet the new kitty!

Isabelle said...

Love your ornies - especially the one you made for yourself. It is adorable.

Thanks for the comment you just left on my blog - that's how I landed here :)

Christina said...

Oh Valerie, I guess now is a good time to reflect on what has gone on in the year, but it's also the time to look forward to what's coming in the year ahead. 2010 has been a very mixed year for me, the beginning was horrific, the worst time of my life, but mid-year it kinda picked up. But all the same, I will be very glad to put the year to bed, so to speak.
Putting up a tree will definitely lift your mood. I love curling up on the sofa with the tree lights twinkling.
I heart your 'Full circle' finish. I've done a couple of their ornies from previous JCS Christmas issues.

Melanie said...

Ooooo, I can't wait to see the Xmas Kitty. :) Kitties and trees don't mix well anyway so you're just being prudent by not decorating. If I get my own tree up more than a week before Xmas it will be a true Xmas miracle. lolol

That stinks about the ticket. I got one of those in the mail lat year about two weeks after a road trip to DC. I was like WHO WHAT WHEN WHY? (We don't have camera thingees in my neck of the woods.) That plus the $235234523 toll booth fees it took to travel the length of the NJ Turnpike to get there and time I'm taking the train. lol

Daffycat said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Valerie!

The ornament you stitched for the exchange is exquisite! Now, you get with it and finish Tweet Gift! Don't make me get out the wet noodles...LOL I'm very bad about finish-finishing stuff meant for me. If it's for an exchange there is no problem but I will put off my things for as long as possible.

Carol said...

Oh, I do hope a kitty is in your future, Valerie... They are such good company and love you no matter what!

I love your ornaments--keep working on them and you'll have a tree-full before too long. I'm doing my "ornament a month" stitching for 2011 again if you care to join me :)

Michelle said...

I know what you mean, it hasn't been the best year. But the time has come to celebrate that it's all behind us and look forward to a new year! Love all your ornaments - they are fabulous. Can't wait to see the new kitty too!! And I'd love to see your progress on Mary Wigham as well as Anniversaries of the Heart (I need to get mine back out!).

Joanie said...

A Christmas kitty! What a delightful idea! OMGosh, I can't wait till you put up pics.

I joined the challenge only because I want to stitch ornaments and I never seem to do it. It's my incentive!

2011 will be a great year! I know it will!

Giovanna said...

Your ornaments are really sweet!

I understand the Christmas blues, I get them too - stitching helps :-)

Pumpkin said...

I'm sorry that you've had such a crappy year but 2011 is almost here so let's keep positive thoughts that it will be your year :o)

A fresh start and a new family member should cheer you up. A new kitten will definitely keep you busy :o) LOL!

Love your ornament finishes! Keep it up and you will have enough to have your own tree.

Natalia said...

Valerie, I think 2011 will be a much better year !!! I love your finishes and thanks for directing me to Karen's blog. Wow !! What a Christmas stitcher she is... love her stuff. I wish you a wonderful and Merry Christmas.

staci said...

Hang in there...the year is almost up and I'm sure that 2011 will be a much brighter and happier one for you :)

I'm crazy, but not crazy enough for that challenge, lol! Love the ornament you made for the swap, I bet that was a hard one to part with!

I finally got last year's ornaments for the kids finished this weekend...those are the only new ones on our tree this year (except for one I bought at HL that caught my eye.) We should have an ornament SAL next year, then we'll both have some handmade ornies for our trees next Christmas :)

mskathk said...

I've been driving for 45 years. I got my first ticket ever for turning on a red w/o stopping in Santa Ana, CA, this October. The fine + traffic school is over $500. Like you, I don't have any excuse. It was a safe turn, but it wasn't legal. ARRRRGGGG!
And 2011 will be better!