Friday, December 24, 2010

A Charlie Brown Christmas, Part 2

When I was visiting my sister and family in Dallas, we went to go see the ICE show at the Gaylord Texan. I didn't really know what to expect other than the theme this year was A Charlie Brown Christmas and it would be cold. Ice, you know. Seemed appropo to go since I've been immersed in all things Peanuts at the moment.

The Gaylord Texan is a huge resort-like hotel. There was lots of walking to get to the area where the show was.

The whole time we were walking, I was wondering how I was going to stay warm in an ice show. The Gaylord provides you with a garmongous unattractive parka. I was still a popsicle when I left the show. Wow, it was cold. But they do tell you they have to keep the temperature between 9-18 degrees. They also say that they fly in a team of ice carvers from China and they sculpt the ice into the displays in the show. It's very impressive!

And we finally got inside the show.

And the ice display begins...these photos are just some...there was lots more but some areas were so crowded, it was hard to take decent photos.
This was one of my favorite scenes

The platform that Charlie Brown is sitting on are 4 ice slides that you can slide down. Cristina went down the slide and had fun although it was a little hard to actually slide, she said. I passed...didn't want to get frostbite on the buns!
Yay! Linus and his little piano!

Kind of hard to see but this is a nativity scene sculpted and made entirely of ice.

Even the wreath is made of ice.

It was a fun time! I can't believe Christmas is tomorrow! I'll be back with at least one more post.

Until next time...


gracie said...

Cold, but looks like fun and the pictures are great...thanks for sharing.
Merry Christmas

Lisa said...

Wow, what a wonderful and beautiful show! I didn't know that there were travelling ice sculpters :) In Minnesota, where I lived, there is a winter festival in January where the city of St. Paul creates an ice castle and holds ice sculpture contests. But this only works if the temperatures cooperate...for as you found out, you need awfully cold temps to create and keep ice sculptures.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Wow! Very impressive, indeed. Looks like it was cold, wintery fun.
Merry Christmas, Valerie!

Catherine said...

How fun! Although I have to say that I'd rather be wearing my own parka - kinda like 3D glasses at the movies - you just never know who's worn them before you!

Thanks for sharing and have a Merry Christmas!

Margaret said...

Oh that's interesting about how cold it was -- I'd never really thought about the ice in an ice show. lol! Looks like it was pretty spectacular and fun! Thanks for showing us the pictures! Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Wow! And so cute! :) Merry Christmas, I hope you have a lovely day!

Natasha said...

Oh my that is really cool, no pun intended :) Amazing that all of them were made of ice. Thanks for taking the time to show your photos.

Have a safe and happy Christmas

Myra said...

Such fun! Those are amazing.

Melissa said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the pictures. It looks like quite a show, even if very cold!

Merry Christmas, Valerie!

Jeanne said...

I love Charlie Brown's Christmas and have several ornaments etc in the theme. I hope you have a great Christmas Valerie and much happiness in the new year!

Pumpkin said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing the pictures :o)

Daffycat said...

Way cool! Looks like fun!

Merry Christmas, Valerie!

Meari said...

What a great display!

Margaret said...

It may have been cold but oh what fun you must have had. Great pictures.