Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Randomness, WMHB & TUSAL

*Why does the $40 shampoo give me an allergic reaction but I can use $5 drugstore shampoo without a problem? My scalp is itchy! =(

*I couldn't cut my hair short. I have a long "Rachel" instead. At least it's wavy and flippy. Yay!

*My friend leaves on Saturday and has been driving me nuts this week! I'm kind of looking forward to them leaving now so I can refocus on myself.

*Flaky people drive me bananas.

*I got my license plates! Yay! Now my car looks like everyone elses and I can take it into the depths of the city...once I practice some parallel parking.

*Amazing that my parents are so deaf they can't hear that 1/2 a plastic panel is loose and dragging under the car?!

*I'm eager to get out and be social and meet people. Can I meet everyone now?! Like now? Where is everyone? Ugh, patience isn't a virtue that I have.

*Why am I watching Mob Wives?! When did this show even come on tv?

*Is it worth emailing the guy you've already blown off twice because he lives in the opposite direction of everything that you do?

*Can I develop a consulting business teaching guys how to correspond with girls in online dating? Apparently, a lot of guys need some help. It should be more me, me, compliment, comment about girl profile, say something nice, me, me, ask opinion about something, I liked this about your profile, hope to hear from you, have a good night, name. It ends up being me, me, me, me, me, me, me, nice to meet you, name. WTF! Maybe I can get a show on Bravo...kind of like Millionnaire Matchmaker except with normal, everyday geeky guys. Dating 101 for the Regular Guy or something like that.

Why am I here again? Oh yea...stitching stuff. Today is the New Moon and you all know what that means. TUSAL time!
Not the best photo but all the light colors on top are due to Mary Wigham and the progress I've done on my Where My Heart Blooms.

Speaking of WMHB, I've been devoting any of the stitching time I came across to it. I'm too lazy to take it off the qsnaps for a proper photo but this will give you an idea. I've been building the house all week!
I'm surprised I stuck with it since the house is stitched with Flax and Shaker White. Not the most exciting colors but I've been determined. I'm almost done with the house and will soon move onto the windows and the bottom border.

I've been seeing all the progress photos for the With Thy Needle and Thread Mystery Sampler. OMG...I am so tempted to start my own! This wasn't the BAP I was planning on starting either. Can I resist?!

Well, better see if I can get off the computer and get some stitching in for the night. Hope you all had a nice Memorial Day Weekend!

Until next time...


Christina said...

I love your randomness Valerie!

Photos of your new 'Rachel' do please?! I had my hair cut very short a few weeks ago, much easier to do in the morning.

When my husband and I started dating we lived 300 miles apart. We managed to maintain a long distance relationship for a year before I took the plunge and moved to London. If you like this guy distance shouldn't be an issue (and you have a fantastic car to travel in!!)

WMHB is looking lovely. What fabric are you using?

Gabi said...

Your poor scalp. As someone who also reacts to certain ingredients I feel for you.
Hope less people drive you bananas soon. And if you want to meet everyone now...hop on the plane to
Great idea about the consulting
And to the stitchy stuff. I LOVE it how your WMHB turns out. Love the fabric as well.

Margaret said...

My daughter is the same way with certain shampoos or soaps. Have to watch out -- I guess those expensive ones have the luxury stuff in it that makes one allergic? lol! I think you should start that consulting business for guys. They do need it! Your WMHB is so pretty! I'm glad you're sticking with it! I'm in love with the mystery sampler too -- sooooooo pretty! Mine is waiting at the LNS, but of course I'm trying not to go there yet since I spend way too much money there. It's a problem. lol! Congrats on the license plates coming! That's a long wait! (We got ours on the car when we bought it and just drove it home with plates. How strange!)

Catherine said...

Love your random thoughts!! I can relate to some of them for sure! Your stitching looks great! I don't know what it is about houses, but once they are finished, a piece seems to move along quickly!

Jackie said...

I don't do well with Mystery type things but must admit I've also fallen in love with what I've seen so far. I think I'll wait until the next reveal before I make a decision. I don't think it's a large one though.

$40 shampoo that makes you itch. That is SO wrong!

Maureen said...

can we the see the new hair please?

am slightly confused re the licence plates - how did the car not come with them?

email the man. the distance thing will work out if needs be.

loving the stitching as well.

Carol said...

I love reading your random thoughts, Valerie :) And I think your idea of a consulting business is great--not just for online dating communication, but for communication tips for guys in general. Men aren't the greatest communicators at any age--just ask me! Having four of them in my family, it seems like they're on different planets from me most of the time :)

WMHB is gorgeous--I'll have to make that a priority when Gabi is done with my chart. Any ornament stitching going on? I finally finished my April and May ones, but it's already June--where is this year going???

Hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend :)

Anonymous said...

I HATE stitching with white. Have you ever noticed it doesn't cover as nicely as the colors do?

Your house looks lovely though. Good luck with all the white.

staci said...

LOL :)

You should totally do that online dating consultation...I think there are lots of men who "need" help with communication!

Theresa said...

Love to read about your random thoughts!! They make me smile everytime~~ I'm thinking of cutting my hair short, it is so long right now and kind of getting out of control....

You should totally get into the dating consulting business!!! Guys really need a lot of help in that department!!

Love your stitching progress~~ This is really a beautiful piece~

Natalia said...

I love your progress on WMHB !!! Are you going to show us your new hair do??? :-)

mainely stitching said...

What on earth is Mob Wives?

Your WMHB looks GREAT! :D

Myra said...

WMHB looks great! That house does seem to take forever, doesn't it? Love your random thoughts and I agree with Carol about the consulting for male communication in general. :o) I am doing the Mystery Sampler, was a little hesitant at first but I must admit I am loving it so far. Have a great weekend!

Barbi said...

I am still sooo loving your little asian girls!
Love the random thoughts too :)

Pumpkin said...

Your house looks lovely! You're a very good builder ;o) LOL!

Maybe you should! You just never know. All these successful people start somewhere ;o)

Sally said...

Love your randomness! It really brings a smile to my face.

Lovely progress on your WMHB

Melanie said...

You could make money off of that consulting business. Men *are* clueless. (Even when you are married to them. lol)

Suzanne said...

I usually have the opposite problem, the cheap shampoo gives my an itchy scalp and the really expensive one dosen't.

Nice progress on your stitching.

Carm said...

Look forwardmto your random comments. What does BAP stand for? I have too many things started but who cares. I probably will start more soon. Have to have something to fill my alone time with,LOL! Not that I have much of it.
You do very nice work!

Daffycat said...

I married while still in high school so I find your dating dilemmas facinating. That is NO HELP, is it? Sorry!

Your WMHB is gorgeous. I love, love, love that white house!

Nice ORT report, Valerie.