Friday, May 15, 2009

Giveaway Gift Revealed!

I heard from Meari today letting me know she received my blogaversary giveaway package safely. Yay! What a relief! I always worry that handmade things will get lost in the mail.

I decided to stitch Shepherd's Bush Happy Wishes scissor fob as the giveaway gift. Can you believe it was my first Shepherd's Bush design and only my second scissor fob?! I think I did really well if I do say so myself! It was a fun spring-like stitch to do and it really helped me get out of my stitching slump. I bought this as a kit ages ago when I started up on exchanges and so I used what came in the kit. Here's the front..."A buzzillion"
And here's the back..."happy wishes".I'm a very nervous finisher. I can stitch til the cows come home but when it comes to's like I get this mental block. I knew I could stitch the fob up fine but I wondered if I should fill it with just polyfill. But I wanted weight and in the end, I made a little sack filled with rice and stuffed that in the fob with a little polyfill. I was actually surprised the fob turned out as big as it did (3.25" x 3.25") but I think I've gotten used to the scissor fob I have on my Dovos which is teeny. It was also my second attempt at cording which came out *much* better than my first time. Cording looks much better with perle cotton thread versus six strand embroidery floss. Well, at least that's my opinion for now. I am filing this tidbit away for future cording and will give it some practice. Since I couldn't get the tension right by myself. I recruited *the boy*. I told him early on during finishing day that he would have to help me later and I think he was all worried about what I was getting him into and if he was going to mess up. In the end, his instructions were "here, hold this while I twist and whatever you do, don't let go!" He didn't and I had beautiful cording. Yay! Despite the mental block, I came out with a great finish and am so happy that Meari likes it. Double yay!

I also sent Meari a bunch of goodies. My theme was pink as I had an abundance of pink in my stash and lucky for Meari that she's a bright color/pastel fan. I sent her some cotton and silk floss, 2 charts, a notepad with coordinating tape measure, some pink hand-dyed linen and pink toile finishing fabric as well as mints and of course, the scissor fob with coordinating scissors.
Meari has lots of fabulous pictures about the giveaway here. Check them out if you wish plus she's got a fabulous blog that's loads of fun to read. I look forward to her "Marvelous Mondays" posts each week.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!

Until next time...


Cole said...

Looks fabulous!!

Theresa said...

Wow!!!! What a fabilous pacakge!!!! Your fob looks perfect!!!! Now I feel bad I didn't win the giveaway.... ;-)

I've only tried using six strand embroidery floss to make cordings before, maybe I should try out perle cotton threads next time~~

Carol R said...

Great giveaway package Valerie.
The scissor fob is very pretty and beautifully finished. I knew the *boy* would be a good for twisting!

CindyMae said...

Wow what a fantastic giveaway package!!! You done an amazing job on the fob! I am a nervous finisher too but you done an amazingly beautiful job!!!

Natasha said...

Your finishing is perfect!Nervous over what? She is one lucky girl :) That scissor fob is adorable.

Take Care and stay cool this weekend. Are you taking part in the Bay to Breakers? I did not sign up in time. I really wanted to.

Dani - tkdchick said...

That is a gorgeous scissor fob and a generous package!!!

Meari said...

I WONDERED what you put in the fob to give it some weight! I kept meaning to ask you and I forgot. Now I know!

Thanks again for the package. I loved everything and thought you did a fantabulous job on the fob!