Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesdays Are My Stitchy Night

Tuesday night flew by and I didn't stitch as much as I had hoped. I told *the boy* Tuesdays are my stitchy night and my "public" expects to see some pictures so he had to leave me alone and he was good about it. I got distracted with the computer and trying to tidy up my stitching area though. I made a very small new start. Here is Wishing Sheep by Shepherd's Bush.
My vision is to stitch it up and display it when there are birthdays at *home* which is now May and October. This sucker isn't getting finished this month though. It was purchased as a kit and the instructions said to use one strand of silk over two threads on 32 count fabric which was all included. I started it with one strand and I didn't like the coverage. It was too thin! So I decided to see how it looked with two strands (above) and I like it much better but I am sure to run out of the silk provided this way. Has this ever happened to anyone? I know it's silk I can probably find at NiaH but it seems like an added expense right now. I might move forward until I run out and then put it aside until my next shopping spree at the LNS. What do you all think?

I also pulled out the Lizzie*Kate ABC Lessons again. This is really an enjoyable stitch! I only managed to stitch the letter "H". Harm no one...I loved stitching up those little sheep! This week is a busy one! Yoga on Monday, doctor today, yoga tomorrow and *the boy's* doctor appointment on Thursday as well as Wicked Thursday night! Claire and I bought tickets to this show in January! It'll be nice to relax and have a night out after the madness lately. This weekend is unscheduled so far but if it hits the high 80's like they're forecasting this weekend, you can probably find me lying on my living room floor with the ceiling fan blowing at me on high speed. I just don't function very well under such heat. Yep, I'm a total weather wimp. If *the boy* is allowed to be off the crutches...he'll probably drag me all over the place in his excitement to finally walk. We'll see what happens.

Not much stitching planned until the weekend...hopefully.

Until next time...


Meari said...

What a busy week! Your WIPs look good. I'm surprised the SB kit said to use one strand as I've always used two (never read directions, lol).

CindyMae said...

Great new start! ABC's is looking fantastic! The more I see people stithcing this one, the more I NEED it! LOL

Theresa said...

Wow!! Your week is really packed!!!
Still loving your ABCs~~ It is just a wonderful design~

Lisa said...

I will have to look through my SB finishes as well as the ones I have in my stash, it has been a long time since I have stitched one so I don't remember. Yet, I do remember that there were stitches that called for one over 2 and remembering the feeling that it sounded odd...Anyway, I am loving the L*K ABC's - you are doing a wonderful job on it. It looks like a fun and quick stitch (kind of kicking myself for not picking it up while in NiaH...oh, well, maybe in a future visit).
Have a good weekend. Looks like it is going to be a hot one here!

PS. Thank you for to congrats for my sis...I will relay the message.

Jackie said...

i like that there is day for crafts only. wish i can set a day for it...and loved the sampler.