Saturday, May 09, 2009

L, M, N, O, P

Well, I've been very busy stitching over the last three days. It has been the best three days so far this year! *The boy* understood I needed to stitch or I might string him up on the balcony so he's been very good about giving me my space. Every once in a while, I run to the other side of the apartment to show him what I've done. He thinks this is *cute*. I'm just so excited to be stitching! My goal for the weekend was to get two rows done in ABC Lessons, frog some of my BC Snappers border and to finish my giveaway project. This was in addition to spending most of Thursday in an embroidery class. I reached my two rows in my ABC Lessons project! Yay! I'm very happy that I reached this goal. I love stitching on this and it was very hard to put aside.

I got a late start on stitching today so I am behind on my goals now. I woke up late and then got an annoying phone call from my brother which ensued into a fight over Mother's Day. He refused to make a reservation for dinner tomorrow and insisted that I do it. Since I wouldn't be paying for dinner and he complains about my choices anyways, I refused and he called me a bunch of nasty names and disinvited me to tomorrow's dinner. Can I mention that my brother is 19 years older than me but acts as if he is 19 years younger! He treats me quite badly and it's disheartening to have a fight with him every holiday. I *hate* dealing with family stuff on holidays and it fills me with dread because things always end up badly. I had to explain to my mom when she called me why I wouldn't be joining them for dinner. My brother told them I wouldn't be coming when he finally decided to make a reservation somewhere. So I had to tell my mom I wasn't invited because my brother and I had a fight in which he called me a bunch of names. My mom was shocked and upset. I hate that a special day has been ruined because my brother is such a jerk. I know my dad had a talking to with him because my brother called me again and left me a message calling me a bunch of other names and saying that I ruin all the holidays. I wish he'd realize he has a problem and it's him that ruins every holiday by being such a jerky-jerk. It left me feeling sad and I didn't get my mojo until late in the evening.

Now I must return to finishing the giveaway gift. I hope to finish it tomorrow between the errands and Mother's Day plans. I still am moving forward with my personal plans for mom's special day despite them being ruined by my brother. My plan was to bring a big bouquet of flowers which I already have picked out and ready and to go pick up my mom's favorite cake at this little bakery in North Beach. Flowers and cake always make my mom happy. Shes a quiet one and doesn't like being out too much. She and my dad also have a ton of allergy and dietary restrictions which make picking a restaurant really hard. I think they cancelled on my brother and if that's the case, I might pick up some chinese takeout for a feast at home. Simple but nice.

I'll be back later for a recap on my embroidery class. I know...I am keeping you guys in suspense. It was a great class!

And to all the fabulous stitchy moms in blogland...Happy Mothers Day!!

Until next time...


Carol R said...

Three days of stitching? You must be in heaven!

I'm sorry to hear that you brother is such a pain in the **** and such a shame that he spoiled your Mother's Day celebrations. Flowers, cake and Chinese takeout sounds to me to a perfect way to celebrate!

RNS class - now you know I am waiting on a report so get to it!!


doris said...

Hope you find a way to make your day as wonderful as possible, despite the family issues.

Theresa said...

Wow~ You got a lot of done on the L*K Alphabet!!!! I totally understand the joy of wanted to show your stitches to someone, cause whenever I finished stitching something I always show them to my DH, too~ ^^

I'm sorry to hear about your fight with your brother, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day after all. Flowers and cake sounds wonderful~~

I finally got a copy of "The Other Boleyn Girl" from the library.... They must be very popular cause I had to wait for my turn to check it out!! Anyway, I'm going to start on it tonight~

Can't wait to hear about your class~~

Lisa said...

I hope that your Mother's Day celebration with your mother ended up to be a special day despite the way the argument the day before. Your L*K alphabet is coming nicely, I look forward to watching your progress as well as hearing about your experience of the RNS class :)
Got to NiaH yesterday...what a wonderful way to treat myself on Mother's Day:)
Take care!

Barbeeque4 said...

Super job on the ABC's - Sorry about your Brother - like yours mine is a pain and we always fight when ever we see each other or just talk on the phone - that's the reason it probably been more than 2 years since I have spoken to him and much longer since i have seen him! It does help that he avoids the whole family unless he wants something.

Snarky table for one!!

Have a great week !!! :)

Leila Jo said...

Sounds like your brother needs a large serving of humble pie...but onto more important things, your stitching is super-cute!

Meari said...

Aww, Valerie... I'm sorry your bro is such a jerk. I've always disliked it when family members ruin every holiday. Flowers, cake, and chinese... My Mom would be in 7th Heaven!

I'm going to have to look for the ABC project you're doing. I'm really liking the look of it!

CindyMae said...

Sorry about your brother! Your progress is looking fantastic!!