Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My Neighborhood Was Taken Over!

On Sunday, my neighborhood was taken over by crazy cyclists!! This happens every year. There is this event called "Centurion" or something like that every June and they map out this bicycle course through the downtown area of the city that I live in. It is madness since downtown in pretty busy on the weekends as it is and then they block off areas so the congestion moves to other areas of the city...like my block! I was basically homebound for a good part of the afternoon since I did not want to lose my parking spot and also didn't want to drag all my laundry and packages to my car which was parked pretty far as it is due to all the crazy congestion. After my workout and a pit stop at the nearby farmers' market to pick up fresh goodies, I went back home to grab my camera so I could take a couple of snaps to share. Here they are coming around a bend. Can you see? There are a lot of them!!
And here they go around the other bend. They move fast!
I'm a little bummed that I did not have my camera for the kiddie section of the race. It was cute seeing all these little kids on their tiny racing bikes. Usually Centurion is children in the morning and then adults in the late(r) morning. Even though it was fun to see...I was happy when my neighborhood returned back to normal!

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Carol R said...

Now if we were that active we should have been in those photos!! But I guess someone has to take pictures :o)