Friday, April 22, 2005

Date #2 with Guy #1

Last night I had yet another date. Let me tell you, this week has been insane. Four dates in one week is a bit much and I don't recommend it. Especially for someone so "low-energy" as I am. So last night was date three for the week but Date #2 with Guy #1(are you keeping up with me here...yea, I know, confusing). Guy #1 talked his head off during Date #1 and I couldn't believe that he talked so much about his likes and dislikes and school and family, etc. He's a nice guy and I didn't know if he was talking so much because he was nervous or if he really liked to dominate the conversation. At least he wasn't boring, we had some similarities so I would be able to interject a little something here or there before he would, again, talk my ear off. I decided that a second date couldn't hurt. I would at least find out if he was really just nervous or if he's a talker. Everyone, Guy #1 is a talker! We went and had dinner last night and dinner was nice but I felt like he was more interested in hearing himself talk and in telling me about his posters, furniture shopping, job and family and he barely bothered to ask me any questions about me, my likes, dislikes, music and movie taste, hobbies, family, friends, etc. These are all things that I LOVE and can talk about for hours...but remember...he didn't let me talk. I have learned, in the 50 trillion dates that I have been on, to ask questions!! You want to tell the other person about yourself and your likes but you also want to learn more about THEM. It's not all about YOU, you know. YOU are not the only person out on this date here. *sigh*

Dear Guy #1....sorry, but I think I am going to have to let you go. Good luck out there. I know dating in this city is hard.


Debra said...

Guy #1 is a me, me, me guy! See ya later #1. In my humble opinion of course. LOL!

clarine said...

You can't be that exhausted! We need to go on more walks:o) Don't you just love being "miss popularity"?