Thursday, April 21, 2005


Welcome to my blog! Sit back...make yourself comfy and I'll tell you about me.

I'm Valerie...fog city dweller. That means I live in San Francisco. If you haven't been to my side of the US, San Francisco can be pretty foggy but not as bad as Seattle. Love Seattle.

I was born and raised in San Francisco which means I am a rare and almost extinct species. I should be charging money for people to hang out with me. I have run across more people from Bawston (yes, I know it's spelled Boston!), New York and the Midwest. What the hell happened to the folks from San Francisco? Oh yea, they all moved to Sacramento, Southern California, Portland or Seattle. I miss you guys!!

I take MUNI everyday (bus for you non-SF blog visitors) and it is the bane of my existence. You'd think that they would keep to a damn schedule if they are going to post it but NO! I am late to work practically everyday (Sorry M). You'd think I'd learn and just wake up earlier but sleep is precious and I'm not the best morning person to begin with. Thank goodness for the kind folks at Henry's who supply me with my morning cup of coffee and ask me if I am feeling better from my recent flu bout every morning. They are so sweet. Yes, I am feeling better despite coughing up a lung! Anyone out there have any home remedies for a cough? It's driving me crazy!

I'm a knitter. NO, that does not mean I am a "grandma". I'm 29 for Christ's sake...not 70! I don't make fun of your *insert favorite hobby or sport here*, so be nice. Besides, if you're nice and I'm bored enough, I may just make you a scarf.

I know all my knitting buddies in cyberland love seeing pictures on blogs of recent work and yarn stashes, etc. I am probably the last person on earth to NOT have a digital camera. I promise, it's on my list of "techie buys for 2005" and I'll have you all ooohhing and aahhhhing over the assorted fibers in my stash and the list of "projects" I have. I can't wait!

Oh yes, how could I forget being single in San Francisco. Being single in SF sucks the big one. I have more dating stories than anyone I know and don't worry, I will share them with you. I need to vent out my frustration somewhere! Grrrrrr! In case you don't know, San Francisco has a huge gay population which means that cuts the eligible number of men (for women) in half. I now have my face plastered up on the biggest dating service in America...take a wild guess. Hint: rhymes with catch, as in, where, Dear God, is my catch!? Oh and that saying "love is complicated, match is simple", is a load of crock. Anyone who has been on that site for a while will understand what I mean and you can contact me to commiserate. I know I am not the only's ok...I won't tell anyone!

I am Nicaraguan and am the most caucasian looking person you will encounter. I cannot handle anything spicy because I start having a coughing fit and turn bright red and considering how white I am, can be a little scary. As my coworker, D, will say, "Valerie, you may as well be Irish". Thanks D! Yea, so I am super white, have dark hair, can't handle spice, have freckles (where the heck did I get these freckles from!?) but that doesn't mean I am Irish! But if you happen to know a cute, tall, single Irish bloke with an accent, feel free to send him my way. You can hit that emaiil button on the left there. And yes, I can speak spanish (dad, I already told you I can't roll my rrrrrr's, stop making fun of me, ok!).

So those are some weird and random facts about me. Be prepared for some posts about random dates, knitting, muni and my interesting (to some) SF life.


Debra said...

Whoooo Hooooo! Blog Baby Blog! But be can get VERY addictive. I have to keep this comment short for now...I have my *12-Step Blogging Meeting* to catch. LOL!

Claire said...

You crack me up! I'm reading this and feel as if I'm talking to you in person or on the phone. Hey, what about me, aren't I a SF native friend? You know what I mean (jelly bean)?