Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Remember that Time..."

NO! Not at band camp...sheesh...someone has been watching too much American Pie...

Seriously though, "remember that time..."How many stories start off that way?! Many an embarrassing one...but since I used this line in my previous post, it reminded me of another story from years ago. A few drinks, a late night and a Tainted Love show. Maybe it comes to the forefront since I am supposed to go see them (Tainted Love) this Friday with C. A few years back, C, AM and I went to the Last Day to see the show and have a "girls night out". We all love 80's and were set for a good time. We were at the bar, had a prime spot, I was drinking red bull vodkas like there was no tomorrow and trying to pick up this guy that had scooched past me near the bar. Ends up he was friends with the wild and crazy girl bartenders...surprise! About half way through the show, I decided to sit on the back of the chair...tush on the back and feet planted on the seat. Leaned a little too far and...yea, that's right...I fall into a sea of guys. Lovely! Talk about being graceful! I mean, I have always been a clumsy girl..but did I really need to be that clumsy?! Surprisingly, I still got the guy...for a while. Why isn't dating that easy nowadays? How come I can't just go out, get drunk, fall on a guy and have a few dates and call it a success?

Oh, and did I mention that instead of helping me up...C and AM, sat there laughing hysterically to the point of hyperventilation. Thanks guys...thanks a lot! Thanks goodness those guys I fell on helped me up!

I hope that doesn't happen on Friday....how embarrassing!


Anonymous said...

I've added your site to my favorites Val ... this is great! In our defense re: story about the time at Last Day, C and I knew that the guys were all over helping you out ... you were in good hands ;).

Seems like you've been busy in a good way lately; glad you're having fun. I'm hoping to be up in the city almost all of next week. Hmm, up for another visit to Last Day?

--- AM

Anonymous said...

"How come I can't just go out, get drunk, fall on a guy and have a few dates and call it a success?" Of course you still can. That stuff never gets old. Make sure to drink plenty of Red Bull Vodkas this weekend and I'll be waiting for the stories on Monday!


claire said...

You know I would have helped you first before laughing hysterically but you had all these guys around you helping you up. You were in very good hands:)