Thursday, April 28, 2005


So do people do it?! I truly wonder how people wake up early, make breakfast, get to work, are productive for the full 8 hours that day and then go to the gym, make dinner, do the chores and get ready for the following day...and these are single people I'm talking about here. Forget married people with kids...I in awe of how they keep it together. I am lucky if I wake up, manage to catch the bus, get to work...where I surf the net for a good amount of the day when I am not supposed to...go home, watch a little tv to decompress and make something to eat. Forget breakfast. Yes, I know it's the most important meal of the day but given the choice of an extra 15 minutes to sleep, or in my case, whacking the shit out of the snooze button for another 9 minutes of sleep, or breakfast...I choose sleep and the curse of the snooze button. I just throw a yogurt in my bag or hope that my stomach doesn't decide to sing it's little tune in the form of really annoying and embarrassing stomach grumbles. Don't you hate that?!

So with all the dating and subsequent contact...I'm feeling the loss of time. For over a week, I've had dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor and clean laundry I haven't even gotten out of the laundry bag. Not to mention the absolute need to vacuum and dust and reorganize things in my closet and weed out clothes for Goodwill or Buffalo Exchange. Oh, and lets not forget hanging up some "art" and climbing up on my handy dandy stepladder to try and pry the light fixture off the ceiling to change the stupid lightbulb in the kitchen. Couldn't they make that easier to do?! I just got a manicure...I don't wanna mess it up so I've been living off the range's light in the kitchen. Sad...but true.

I've cancelled my evening plans over the last two days to TRY and get this stuff done and you know what, nothing got done. I've been caught on the phone for hours and by the time I get off, post-11pm. I am just trying to unwind enough to go to sleep and chores are not my idea of unwinding. But then I don't think going to sleep at 12:30am and waking up at 6am is helping my cause any either. But at least this late night phone sessions are helping my phone-a-phobia...perhaps I'm in for a cure faster than I thought.

If you guys have ideas on how to get this all done, date and still have "decompress" time in front of the telly...let me know. I'm having issues juggling all this crap.

Ok, gotta go get an espresso now...thanks C!...for widening my options to "feed" my caffeine addiction. I have to make it til Saturday before I can spend hours upon hours being lazy and catching up on sleep. Oh, dear sleep...I miss you so!


Steph said...

Ya know, that Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper has caffiene (sp?) in it :) You could stock up on it too :)

Debra said...

I have two words for you: Cleaning Lady. LOL!

Claire said...

Hey wait! I want an espresso too! Should we put 6 packs of sugar in or 10? hahaha. Don't forget that "A" needs to come over and vaccuum with the ever so popular "Dyson"! Don't forget to add our routine walking sessions to the list!

Kelster said...

Say it with me....

"No, I cannot go out that night."

Then stay home and watch Steel Magnolias or read a good book.