Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ghetto Hair

So yesterday I went to my hair stylist to take care of my ghetto hair. It was driving me crazy! Now ladies, I know you all know what I am talking about. We go through phases of "needing a change" and we go to the stylist and say:

Me: "I need a change. Please do something to my hair!"

Stylist: "Highlights! Let's add a little copper, chestnut and red".

Me: "Ok, sounds great...let's do it!"

And I religiously keep up these highlights for the better part of the year before the "need a change" cycle continues. And what ends up happening...ghetto hair! Ugh! That lovely look of 4 inches of dark roots and then light brown ends. Lovely...not! So I was getting to the point of must see stylist, C, or I may go insane! I had my appointment set for yesterday at 530pm but hadn't heard from stylist, C, so I called and left a message Sunday night at the ungodly hour of 1130pm to leave her a message saying "I hope you have me in your appointment book because I REALLY need to come in!" Luckily, I am and decide to color my hair back to my original color and get some face-framing layers. Love the cut...the color is always a shocker. As I stated before, I am super white and my natural hair color is basically one shade lighter than black. Makes for a dramatic look...one that usually has me running to my make-up case to add some color to my cheeks if I am having a pale, tired-looking day. And frankly, I think stylist, C , went a little overboard on the black and not enough with the brown. WTF! I'll wait a couple of weeks for the color to settle before I make a firm opinion on whether or not I made the right decision.

But at least I don't have ghetto hair anymore!

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Steph said...

I'm sure it's beeee-u-teee-full!

I need a cut...I have big hair. I'm thinking it's bigger than it was in the 80's. What scares me though, it's been looking really good (big and all). I don't have an appt for another 2 weeks so I may have to get real creative with clips and such between now and then. :)