Sunday, April 24, 2005

Must Love Dogs!

I went to go see The Interpreter with my friend, T, today and saw the preview for this new movie coming out in the summer called Must Love Dogs!

It's got good actors...Diane Lane, John Cusack *drool*, Dermot Mulroney *drool* and Stockard Channing. It looks like a typical chick type fluff movie. But I was sold on the movie just seeing John Cusack in the preview. I totally love him. I think he's great. Watching this preview, I was reminded of my current life. Basic review of the movie is that Diane Lane's character decides to sign up with an online dating service and had a lot of *cough* interesting dates. The one line that stood out was this one man Diane is on a date with saying "I've been on 17 first dates this year and no second dates" and then he bursts into tears. OMG, it's my life minus the tears and well, I do have a couple of second dates every one in a while. So far this year, I think I've been on about 7 first dates, 2 second dates and one third date.

I'm hoping things will change soon...the dating game DOES get tiring after a while...

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