Tuesday, April 22, 2008

99.3% Done!

My goal for the weekend was to finish all the stitching on my LYM project and it is 99.3% done! I finished all the stitching and only have three buttons to attach. So close to my happy dance! But I hate sewing on buttons!
I am very happy with how it turned out. Initially, I was a little skeptical of the WDW Hazelnut which constitutes most of the words on the front with the exception of "mother", "mommy" and "love". I thought it might be a tad to orangey to go with the pink but I like it. I need to attach the buttons soon though. My parents aren't going on that trip as soon as I had thought so they will be in town for Mother's Day. I will need to go to the framers this weekend and hopefully they will do a quick frame-up job for me so that this sucker is ready to be wrapped and given away on Mother's Day!

On other stitchy news, I am working on exchanges so I think pictures will be scarce in the next few weeks. I started my freebie exchange project for the HOE board. It's coming along. I am thinking of making some color adjustments but will wait to the very end to decide on that. Since I don't have much time to stitch right now, the exchanges are all I can get to and poor Santa and Fairy Moon (which I never started!) will have to wait a while.

The class I am taking is keeping me very busy and very frustrated. It's hard to motivate oneself in an online class especially when the subject matter is a huge snoozer! I also think that the syllabus isn't very clear. I end up reading pages of material to only find out that it's not what the activity is on and I have to read even more things to be able to properly do the activity. And I especially don't like that it eating my "at play" time on the weekends. No fun staying home reading when there is tons of fun city stuff to revel in.

I am still going out with NNG...we'll call him M now. I think it's been about a month and despite us being frank with each other...we haven't scared the other off. Amazing. I don't know if I'm what is his usual type but M definitely isn't my usual type so the pairing seems odd to me. I'm trying to get used to it. But we have loads in common, he cracks me up and we can talk hours upon hours about nothing. We are our own Seinfeld sitcom! I guess we just need a George and a Kramer to add into the mix!

**Sorry for the crummy picture. The fabric just does not want to photograph well but it's so pretty in person that I've actually gone back to NiaH for another stitcher's quarter.


Carol R said...

Wow Valerie you sure have been busy on LYM - those flowers really make it pop! You have one lucky mom.

Barbeeque4 said...

It really looks great!!!