Monday, April 07, 2008

Tulips and Love You Mom Update

I went to Trader Joes on Friday and saw so many lovely bouquets of tulips that I just had to grab one so I could enjoy a bright splash of color throughout the weekend. When I took the picture here, they were all over the place but today they sit ramrod straight and very perky in their vase. I absolutly love the color! The weekend was jam-packed! I had a couple of dates with NNG and things are going great! He's got a few very hectic weeks coming up so we may not be able to keep such a busy dating schedule right now. The rest of the weekend was mainly errands, studying and a visit with the parents. I did get a new hair-do that I am still trying to get used to. It is much lighter than I am accustomed to and I am mourning the loss of a lot of hair but I think this is a good change. I've got mondo layers and lots of body now and it will be good when the weather warms up. I wont get overheated as fast because of my super duper blanket of hair! Otherwise, the weekend was normal and unexciting. This week should be mellow...I hope. I am done with the super stressful deadline I had at work and I have no other deadlines on the horizon. Yay!! I just need to concentrate on yoga, stitching and more coursework. I should also be able to squeeze in another date with NNG this week. He has to see my new hair! I kept freaking him out by saying that "next time you see me, I'll have a boy cut". I couldn't ever get a boy cut as I love long hair but it was funny to get shocked looks out of him. Guess he's a long-haired girl fan. I had to reassure him on the phone that although I lost a lot of hair, it's still long.
Here's the progress picture I promised on Love You Mom. I haven't gotten much done since I took this picture yesterday. Stitching time has been slow during the weekend. This is a pretty fast stitch though. It doesn't look like much now but once I add the flowers and hearts, it'll totally pop.

Ok, time to sleep...take care.


Carol R said...

Pretty tulips Valerie and I love how "Love You Mom" is turning out.
I like long hair too but mine is shoulder length as I have a lot of hair too. I like to be able to put it in a ponytail and besides it tends to kink when it's shorter!

Barbeeque4 said...

Great tulips - we also get bouquets at TJ every time we go. right by the door who can resist! LYM is really coming along nicely.