Friday, April 04, 2008


Sorry for no pictures today. I got done with stitching after dark yesterday and was too tired and lazy to download a picture.

I am simply and utterly exhausted! My sleep pattern has been all over the place this week and I don't know why. Is it stress because of my deadline and not getting enough help from co-workers? Is it my excitement of NNG? I'm not sure although the nights I have the worst sleep are the evenings that I've gone out with NNG. I guess I'm into him...what did AM tell me last night? Something about how I'm all excited and am thinking about him during my sleep. I'm not too sure about that but then I don't really remember dreams and such so the possibility is there.

All I know is that the lack of sleep is totally bogging me down. Monday I was up until 3am because I couldn't fall asleep and the other night I went to sleep at 1130pm, woke up feeling fairly rested and realized it was only one hour later and it took me another two hours to fall back asleep!

NNG and I are having fun and we went out locally on Wednesday and I'll see him again after work tonight. I will need a pick me up before then but I think the caffeine from my morning coffee is finally kicking in.

Yesterday, I had training up in Sacramento so my boss and I drove up there. I was chatty in the car on the way up, sleepy throughout the training (obviously not exciting) and then attepted to stitch on the way back. How do people stitch moving at 70+ miles per hour?! It was hard! I did get a good amount done and am moving amazingly fast with the Mom project. I only have mom, mother, mommy and love left to stitch along with the flowers. Not bad for less than one week! I'll have a progress pic to share over the weekend when I'm actually home during the day.

I managed to get my project in 2.5 hours ahead of the deadline. Talk about stress! I am just so happy to have it all over with and now I can focus on having fun with the NNG tonight, meeting Claire for a nice lunch in my neighborhood, lots of classwork (yuk!), a possible new hair-do and a visit with the parentals.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. Happy Friday!

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