Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ma Mere

I should have gone to yoga today and I should be reading a boring chapter for my class right now but work was crazy again today and I felt like my eyelids were being held up by toothpicks by the end of the workday so I came home, took a mini-nap and finished my pinkeep. I am very happy with it! I can't show pictures though until it is received and it has quite a ways to go. I packaged the exchange and it is now sitting near my purse to be taken to the post tomorrow during my lunch break. I started to do my flat-fold but don't feel motivated enough to really attempt it right now. So instead, I started Love You Mom. I stitched "Ma Mere" from the chart already and the next word will be "Mum". I decided that I was very happy with the browns I picked at NiaH as the colors in my stash were less stellar than the WDW Chestnut and Hazelnut I had picked at the shop. I think it'll come out nice. I did discover yesterday that my parents decided to go out of the country for a few months so they will miss Mother's Day and Father's Day so this will now be a birthday gift for my mom for when she gets back. My mom's birthday isn't until September so I have plenty of time to stitch it and take it to the framers. Since I already started...I may as well continue and just set it aside until her birthday.

Sorry for the crummy picture. Hard to get good pictures at nighttime.

Since I'm already on a stitchy topic, Carol R. (different Carol from yesterday) convinced me to participate in a new exchange on the Quaker Inspired board. Actually, it didn't take much convincing. Since the pinkeep exchange is over, I need a new challenge to help master my finishing skills. It's just that I get nervous when I sign up for one of these exchanges because I don't want to mess up the stitched piece with a lousy attempt at finishing or disappoint my exchange partner. Carol made me feel better and even offered to send me finishing links if I needed help. She also said that if she could, she'd give me a lesson. Isn't that sweet?! Thanks Carol! Too bad she lives in the UK because Carol R finishes beautifully too. A lesson from her might teach me a lot! This project is to stitch one of The Workbasket quaker animals and finish it how you want. I don't have too much exposure to Quaker but I really like those Quaker Animals so that'll be fun!

Ok, time to prep my materials for the flat-fold and head in for the night...


Carol R said...

I have every confidence in you! :-)

Barbeeque4 said...

Carol is so sweet!! Her finishes are just perfect! If you can use any help from me just ask.