Friday, April 11, 2008

A Little Lazy About Everything...

It's Friday morning and I feel tired and lazy. Don't know why I feel tired since I've been taking advantage of my downtime this week to be uber-lazy. I just hope that I'm not getting sick like NNG has been all week. So the dating front has been quiet and slow since he's been nursing his cold. I'll probably see him tonight or this weekend though just to remember what he looks like. It feels like it's been forever since I've seen him!

Since my huge deadline at work has passed, I've been slowly playing catch-up and taking my time. That's been nice as I don't make a good "stress case" anymore. I used to thrive in the hectic and busy lifestyle but nowadays, I thrive when it's mellow and I have the time to do a little bit of everything that I love to do like watch tv, see movies, stitch, take a walk in the sunshine and discover something culturally or artistically inspiring. Sitting at a desk and stressing about a deadline and rallying people to help me and stick to the deadline really isn't my thing. So this week, I have watched loads of tv, I watched more of The Sopranos and August Rush, I worked on the Love You Mom project and just plain relaxed.

I do have picture updates to do but no pictures here. My HoE pinkeep was well received in France. I was so relieved it got there ok and my partner liked it. The Love You Mom project is slowly coming along. I ran out of one of the colors! Oh no! I need to go to NiaH to buy more...along with a lot of other stuff. Provided I can get through my coursework fast today and this weekend, I'll continue to make good progress there.

Until the picture updates...hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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