Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pinkeep Revealed!

I heard from my HoE pinkeep exchange partner last week saying that she received my exchange package and enjoyed it very much. My partner was Cathie L. from France! I was a little worried about what to send her since her entire blog is in French and my four years of high school French really didn't get me very far. I saw that she liked more traditional designs and so I picked Spring's Notice by Blackbird Designs with is more along the traditional vibe of the contemporary designs I like to stitch. I stitched it as charted despite not being very sure about the pink satin stitch...but that's mainly because I have a bias against most pinks. I'm slowly getting over it...
I was very excited about this exchange and included a lot of small extras. I included the JBW Designs French Country Flower Basket, a fat quarter of a starred green fabric for finishing, DMC needles, 3 skeins of spring colored DMC floss, pale green ribbon, some chocolate squares and my favorite See's lollipops. Cathie said she enjoyed everything. Yay!
Here is a closeup of the front. It is stitched on 25 count jobelan...I forget which color. It was a very easy fabric to stitch on. NiaH, my LNS, sells odds and ends scraps of linens perfect for smalls so this was a small square I pulled out of their basket which was exactly what the pattern called for! I love it when things work out perfectly that way.
Here is the back of the pinkeep. I had a hard time finding a fabric I liked but this pale green viney leaf pattern was a great pick. It complemented the green on the pinkeep and had a little bit of character. As you can see, I went crazy with green. Green fabric backing, green pins plus all the greens in the extra goodies. Green is a definite marker for me for Spring and it seemed appropriate since that's the current season.
I had a lot of fun with this exchange and have signed up for three more...like a crazy! I better start stitching on those now! But they are a lot of fun and I have "met" a lot of cool stitchers through these exchanges and I've only done two so far! Next ones are freebie, quaker and christmas ornament. At least they are all pretty small.


Ann Marie said...

Embrace pinks! They're great. =p

Carol R said...

A pretty pinkeep Valerie - well done! You made a great gift package for Cathie too.

cathie said...

Of course I enjoyed this pinkeep and everything you joigned !!! It is very very nice and now it's put down the table of the living room, just to be seen by everyone.
Thanks a lot Valerie.