Monday, December 15, 2008

Home Alone

Last Wednesday, I had an entire evening to myself. It was magical. No *boy*, no class, no computer, no nothing. It was me, the tv and my stitching. I had a goal in mind and I would not go to sleep until I finished my stitching. I stitched and I stitched and I stitched until I was done with the task at hand and I felt relieved...and tired! It was 1230am!! On a weeknight! As I scrambled to put away my supplies, turn off the lights and scurry towards my warm bed, I took in the glow of my pretty Christmas tree. As usual, an overflashed photo but I love sitting in the glow of the twinkling Christmas lights at night.
And Fat Santa made his annual appearance. Everytime I look at him, he makes me smile. He is the perfect decoration for my living room. Red, Christmas-y and whimsical. Hi Fat Santa!
And the fact that I am now blogging on Monday about last Wednesday is a sad fact indeed. A true indication of how behind I am in everything! But the good news is that as of today, I am done with my Christmas shopping and card writing! Yay! The cards are in the mail and I will soon immerse myself with gift wrap, ribbons and gift tags. And I am sure that my QFRR friends will be happy to hear that I finally pulled out one of the round robins to stitch on! Yay! But I did not stitch enough to be photo worthy. Perhaps later on in the week? Hope, hope.

In the meantime, be merry and delight!


Dianne said...

congrats on your "me" time! We should all do that now and then!

Carol R said...

Your tree looks really pretty and I love Fat Santa!

Glad to hear you found time for you and to fit in some stitching!

staci said...

Your tree looks beautiful and I love Fat Santa too...he's adorable!