Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas amongst those that make you happy. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were busy and family filled. Lots of cooking, food, laughs and chatter. I was happy to see my sister and her family and I played catchup with all of them. *The boy* met my sister and her family and they all seemed to get along without any problems so that was good and I was actually able to relax and not worry about where the conversation was going.

The days after Christmas were not so great though. I came down with a bad head cold and have probably gone through two boxes of Kleenex in the process. *The boy* got a different variety of sickness that involved a high fever and stomach issues. I've been whiny...he's been whiny. It's a miracle we're both alive and haven't killed each other! Once my nose issues resolved, I came down with an awful migraine and it's mostly subsided but I can feel it's dull thud in the background. I am hoping that it fully goes away and doesn't make an appearance anytime soon.

So my lovely plans of stitching all weekend were instead filled with sneezing, noseblowing, whining and sleeping. I did start (and almost finish) a little selfish stitching. I just couldn't resist and I started it while at my parents on Christmas Eve. I am hoping to finish it by tomorrow, New Years Day. Perhaps I will have a lovely picture to show tomorrow!

In the meantime, I hope everyone has an enjoyable New Years' Eve and that you merrily ring in the New Year!

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