Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Sigh of Relief

Perhaps the week is looking up? I hope so.

We had a wonderful holiday luncheon today complete with caesar salad, fried chicken, bbq ribs, green beans, jambalaya, sinful cookies and a crazy array of other decadent desserts. I cannot eat another bite!! It was all very good and everyone was in a jovial spirit.

I received an email from Silkweaver apologizing for the error in shipment and advising that they are sending me the correct fabric that I ordered. Hallelujah!! And as an apology for the error, they are letting me keep the pinky-mauve fabric they originally sent to me. Now, I'm not a pinky-mauve sort of a girl but I'm sure I can find a project for this fabric sometime in the next 30 years. Thanks goodness for good customer service! I am just so happy that my sparkley orange-y fabric is on its way!

And because of this...I will truly...

Be merry and delight!

1 comment:

Carol R said...

Chicken and caesar salad - yummy my favourite!

If you don't like the pinky-mauve fabric you could always pop it into an exchange package! What are you going to make on the sparkly orange-y fabric?