Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Things and Stuff

What a great weekend! *The boy* and I had a funfilled time and I actually started my Monday on a good note. Miracle of miracles! On Friday night, we settled in to watch Semi-Pro with *the boy*. For every 2 Valerie movies, I'll pick out a boy movie off Netflix to share with *the boy*. I really do not understand the Will Farrell draw but whatever. It was an ok movie with a bunch of basketball references I didn't understand or would pick up like 10 minutes know...when the joke is old.

On Saturday, *the boy* and I headed onto Bart for our little city adventure. We avoided the masses by heading through the Financial District and then walking up to North Beach. We grabbed an awesome chinese lunch at Brandy Ho's and walked about the neighborhood running errands. Not too long though because we had to hustle to grab two buses to the Castro Theatre to see Milk. With 15 minutes to spare before the movie was to start, the theatre was packed and we had to climb up to the balcony. I've been to the Castro Theatre tens of times and have never sat up in the balcony but it was very nice and much less crowded. *The boy* was in awe of the old glory of the theatre. I guess I've been there so may times that I now take it for granted but it was funny to see his reaction. The movie was fabulous but very sad considering the subject matter. All the actors did a wonderful job. After the movie, we walked back to Bart to end our journey. Once home, we tucked in to see a Bing Crosby movie called Going My Way. I had never heard of it before but it was very well done and quite funny! We both really enjoyed it.

On Sunday, I told *the boy* I wanted to stay home and stitch. It was supposed to be stormy and I had no desire to be out in the rain. While I stitched, *the boy* went to the grocery store, watched some football, took a nap and made a scrumptious roast chicken dinner. I had such a great day. Before the sun went down, I took this picture of my progress on Donna's Quaker RR. Not much to show but it's progress. I did stitch more after taking this picture and have that bull's horns motif almost done. That was a pesky motif seeing as there were a couple of mistakes in the chart and so I had to do a bit of frogging. With the holiday approaching, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to stitch since I have out-of-town visitors and big family dinners planned but I already have some time slotted for next Saturday to continue on this project. I really love this fabric and dark shade of green!
And after dinner, *the boy* and I tucked into watch Holiday Inn...another Bing Crosby movie. I had never seen it before and it was also quite funny. Not to mention, Bing Crosby's voice is amazing and Fred Astaire can dance like no other! Lots of movie watching this weekend!

This morning, I received an email from Carol telling me she received the birthday package I sent to her. I was so hoping I would time it right and that it would arrive on her birthday but alas, I was a few days late. Here is the pinkeep that I made for her. She told me she really liked it so I am very happy!
Quaker 2008 by Gazette94
32 Count Lakeside Linens Navy Bean
Crescent Colors Belle Soie Blue Lagoon

Carol included some much better pictures of the pinkeep details and extras which you can find on her blog here. I am so happy she liked her birthday surprise! Yay!

Be merry and delight...

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Carol R said...

Liked it? I love it!!
Thanks Valerie and no matter it arrived late - it made my birthday last longer!

Sounds like you had a fun weekend!