Friday, December 05, 2008


Five days into December and I feel a mess. How in the world did the holiday season sneak up on me?! Usually, by this time of year, all the presents are bought, the tree is up and cards are in the process of being written up. But this year, I'm struggling to find presents and having fights with salespeople, have a tree that won't fit in the tree stand and have no idea where my cards or address book are. How am I such a mess?!

Thanksgiving weekend was nice but stressful. At the last minute, I decided to have *the boy* meet the parents. That was a big deal and I was worried considering the language barrier between my parents and *the boy*. But I think that he and my dad had a good time and there was more than enough food for everyone. The roasted veggies, sweet yams, pumpkin pie, wine and ice cream we brought over were a hit so that made me happy. Round #2 will be at christmastime when *the boy* meets my sister and her family.

I've been feeling out of sorts. The original plan for christmas was that I would fly out to the East Coast to meet *the boy's* family. The plans were on, the plans were off, the plans were on and I placed a hold on a ticket buying more miles to do so, the plans were off and then the plans were maybe back on but lets see and now they are definitely OFF! Ugh! The back and forth was killing me! I am a planner...cannot stand wishy-washy behavior. *The boy* is lucky I didn't smack him! I'm relieved. I want to go to the East Coast and have been dying to go in the winter but I just don't feel ready to spend money I don't really have right now. If I'm making a trip back East, there is loads I want to do...most of it evolving around NY...which is expensive, yet I wouldn't want to deny myself the experience and I would have ponied up the money. So now, I have time to shop, and do cards, and decorate...and breathe. I know *the boy* is bummed that he(we) won't spend the holiday with his family but I am hoping he'll be happy to spend it with my crazy and dysfunctional one.

I haven't been stitching...and it's making me loony. I was on such a good roll but am still stuck on making and finishing off two gifts. Once I'm done with the gifts, I must move onto the round robins. I have two and will be late getting both of them off by the deadline. They all know so it's ok but I just feel like such a slacker for being late. Not to mention all the wonderful projects I have lined up in my head. Since I haven't had time to stitch, I've been sneaking time on the computer at work and buying loads of stash! OMG...must stop the madness! I've talked to *the boy* and we made a deal that I get to go to NiaH for hours tomorrow so I can stitch in peace while he helps friends get ready for a holiday party I will join later. And on Sunday, he can watch football and hang out with the boys so I can stitch some more and watch all the awful shows he apparently hates watching with me. Sounds like a win to me. I must stitch before I lose my mind!! And if I have to deal with another idiot employee at Macy's again anytime soon...I just might!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and an even better upcoming weekend. I'm hoping to have at least some pictures to include in my next post.

Be merry and delight...


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I know what you mean! Christmas takes me by surprise up on me EVERY year LOL

Can you email me when you get a chance? I've lost all of your contact info... another casualty of the December fray. mkeylon @

Theresa said...

Sounds intense!!!! It's always crazy around Christmas~
We are actually going to NYC for Christmas this year, visiting some relatives~ I missed a white Christmas since I moved south, and hopefully will be albe to get a taste this year when we go up north~~

Ann Marie said...

Why do days in December fly by even faster than normal days?! I haven't done a single Christmasy thing yet.