Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The last five days have been very trying. I am cranky and tired. It may exhaust me to rehash it all so I will bullet point my frustrations.

~Whiny sick boys drive me berserk especially when I am sick too but don't have the time or luxury of being sick because there is so much to do! Argh!

~Not having *me* time anymore. I'm not used to this relationship stuff. Not that I'm not happy with *the boy*. I am...totally am! I just need to find my happy median.

~Forgetting my wet laundry at my parents and having my dad put my delicate sweaters in the dryer. I am scared to see what the damage is.

~Being super hormonal because it's you know...that time of the month. Being a girl is just lovely sometimes.

~Whacking my head so hard trying to get into a co-worker's car. Owww! Ugh! It's hard being a tall girl.

~Dealing with all the crazy people who are in spastic holiday mode.

~Standing in line at the Post Office on the "busiest mailing day of the year". Argh! Why didn't I plan things better?!

~Spending 40 minutes talking to AT&T disputing a $7 long distance call on my phone bill because...ummm...I don't even *have* long distance to begin with. Yet, I was told that I must have made the call. If someone can explain to me how someone can make a long distance call when they don't have long distance privileges to begin with..I'll give you the $7 because I am *not* giving it to AT&T. I tried to keep calm, I asked the "supervisor" for his name, he was rude, not helpful and it was an awful customer service experience. This probably wasn't helped by my being hormonal (see above) and I was super upset, talking very sternly to this man while I was at work and I finally "thanked him for nothing", hung up and redialed. On my second attempt, the lady customer service lady was shocked at my story, apologized and credited me $7 because even she couldn't explain how I have a long distance charge when I don't have long distance. She was a gem. Why did it have to take 40 minutes to get things fixed?!?! Virgil from AT&T...you can go take a flying leap. I'll figure out how to write my nasty letter about you.

~I finally broke down and ordered fabric from Silkweaver. Perfect beautiful opalescent orangish fabric for Trick or Treat Fairy waiting for me in the wings. Perfect fabric! I got my shipment in the mail today and they sent me the WRONG fabric!! I was ready to cry. Where is my perfect beautiful solo?! I still have not heard from Silkweaver to tell me how, if even possible, I get the solo I actually ordered instead of this pink, mauvy fabric they sent to me. As my first exposure to Silkweaver, I am not happy...not happy at all. I want my fabric!! :::stomps feet and whines:::

So...ummm...not the best days right now. I need to go on a vacation...or win the lotto...or at least act like an ostrich and stick my head in the sand because I don't think I can take one more bad thing!

And because it is the holiday season, I will end with my normal tag of....be merry and delight! Even though I am not merry or delighting much today.


Be merry and delight... :0)

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