Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Away at Conference

Oh, I am so happy to see new and old friends visiting and commenting for the giveaway. Yay!

Stitchy Tuesday will return next week as I am away at conference this week and don't have my camera with me. The conference is only in San Jose which is an hour away from home but I am staying at the hotel and pretending it's a getaway. It's a nice break from the office and the trials and tribulations of being chauffer and caretaker for *the boy*. Don't worry...he's ok. My very nice, quirky and talkative apartment manager is checking in on *the boy* and they are having fun conversations about politics, computers, music, entrepreneurial ideas, business and other boy stuff that sometimes puts girl to sleep!

I thought I would check in anyways and say hi and update on my projects sans photos. Last week, I put the finishing touches in the September block of the Snappers and started frogging the bottom border. I didn't frog much since I started getting little Dried Thyme bits all over the place. That will be unfrogged little by little. I put a good 100 stitches into Fairy Moon which isn't a lot but I will now consider it officially started. This won't get a decent photo in for a while since it's been started with a dusty purple color on SMF Dragon Moon fabby which is a dark splotchy navy blue color. The purple blends into the fabric some now but will stand out once I stitch the lighter colors surrounding it. And, I, of course, stitched on my giveaway project which is a surprise until is't received by the winner. Remember to comment on my previous post with link back by 5pm PST on May 1st.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Until next time..


Carol R said...

I think I would get on well with the *boy* - I like computer talk!!

I hope you are getting plenty of free evenings for stitching?

Patti said...

I would get on brilliantly with *boy* because I am a total computer geek and I love all things that are gadgets too. Love Patti xxx

CindyMae said...

Hope that you have a great time on your "getaway"!!! Sometimes, it is nice to do just that even when there are other things going on. Different scenery can make a big difference!

Ann Marie said...

I totally forgot until I got the dreaded "out of office" reply. :(

Hope you're having fun!

Yoyo said...

Gee, the last time I was home 'nothing' was only an hour from San Jose except maybe south San Jose (LOL). That is certainly one thing I don't miss, the awful traffic. Any little getaway is always nice, enjoy!!

Margaret said...

Hi there - is the lighting in the hotel room good enough to stitch. When I was travelling lots with my previous job that was a constant frustration.

Meari said...

Have fun at your hotel "getaway" :)