Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesdays Are My Stitchy Night

Yay! Monday was so productive that I made great progress on Edgar's QFRR. I only had 60 stitches or so left to do by the end of the night and I finished those easily this afternoon. Here is the section that I stitched on his RR.
And here is his RR as it stands in all it's glory. As you can see, my section is the one on the upper right. Only one more section to go!
Edgar's RR
32 count Lakeside Linens Lentil
Vikki Clayton Raisin Wine and Old Maid of the Soil Silk

I really like how the colors variegate in this piece and it was my first time to stitch with Vikki Clayton silk. It was lovely! After finishing this up and getting a couple of packages together, I debated what to do and I dug out the BC Snappers to continue working on the September block. I didn't get too much done on it so no picture. My thought is to finish the block before tackling the major border repair. I can just feel that the border repair will be tedious and not so fun but I think it will be necessary for me to feel happy about that eventual finish. I haven't had anytime to get to NiaH for fabric for Letter G so I may just start on Fairy Moon. She's all kitted up and has been patiently waiting forever for me to bring her to life. It's such a daunting project as well but I know that once I see her start coming to life, it will bring me lots of happiness and I could use some happy vibes. Stay tuned...I'm sure more pictures will soon follow.

I thought I'd entertain you guys with a little post-it collage *the boy* left for me after the weekend. I guess all my napping inspired him?! Please ignore the mess under the coffee table but this is what I found when I went to sit on my futon to watch tv.
You probably can't read what they say so from L to R: pensive cat, sleepy cat on table, valerie cat with tongue out *smiling* and on the kleenex box: sleepy cat. I thought this was hysterical! I wonder if the sleepy cat on table was inspired by me practically falling asleep into my plate after breakfast?! Hmmmm....

And I guess he thinks I have some wild poufy hair?! And my hair is much longer than chin length! I've no idea but I thought this was just too funny that I had to share. Sorry for the dark pictures...still learning the camera. Hope this made you laugh as much as it made me.

Well, that's it for me...hope you guys are all seeing lots of stitchy progress.

Until next time...


staci said...

Edgar's RR looks wonderful! Great job!

Love the post-its, too funny :)

Lisa said...

The RR looks great...love the post-it note communication! You documented the unique communication well!
Take care!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great job on Edgar's RR the colours are just wonderful!

LOL love that little collection of notes!

Carol R said...

Edgar's RR is looking good! Did you see Rowyn's is finished - check out Edgar's blog!

Love the *boys* billet doux

Happy Easter to you both!

Wendy said...

Wow - Edgar's RR looks fabulous!