Monday, April 06, 2009


Where to begin. Most of the disappointment revolves around *the boy*. He went in on Thursday for his x-ray and follow up and about 4 doctors crowded around his x-ray with pensive looks on their faces. The diagnosis was six more weeks on crutches. Six.More.Weeks!! *sigh* This was not what we were prepared to hear. In fact, we got the blunt doctor this time who said that 85% of the time, the tibia heals fine but there is a 15% chance that things will not heal fine and then alternative methods go into play. I think we were both too freaked out to find out what the "alternative" might be. Frankly, as pale as I am, I'm sure I grew even paler as my jaw hit the floor. And the blunt doctor also said that in all reality, it would be 3-6 months for the bone to heal. At the end of these additional six weeks, he'll have four months of crutching under his belt.

In addition to being dealt the card of six more weeks of crutching and no-weight bearing, *the boy* found out that his job is not as well-funded as they made themselves out to sound and therefore he will have to endure a 50% paycut for a little while until the company acquires more funding. 50% is a lot of money folks! *The boy* decided it was best to endure the paycut rather than go on unemployment. I agree but he was already getting paid less than his "worth". But hard times call for desperate measures.

And then remember that his "friends" were raising his rent by double starting May 1st?! The original plan was he'd move in with me temporarily while he looked for a cool housing situation. Well, the crutching an additional six weeks + 3 flights of stairs + no carpool options near me = less than ideal situation. When I dropped *the boy* back onto his side of the bay last night, it appears that the "friends" did the honorable thing and extended the lesser rent to him until he was back on his feet. So despite the circumstances, he's decided to take them up on their offer and stick it out over there since the carpool situation there helps him immensely.

Does anyone have a good luck spell that can cast on *the boy*. I mean really!! It seems like there is always some challenge or another.

Frankly, its too much drama for me to deal with. *The boy* seems to be handling this series of events better than me and it's actually happening to him! I don't know what my deal is but I'm feeling rather down and stressed.

I attended the funeral for my friend's dad and it was nice to see everyone, many whom I hadn't seen in years. They are devout Russian Orthodox and it was interesting to see a wake in that culture and how drastically different it is from Catholicism. Even in the saddest of circumstances, you can learn something new.

Most of the weekend, I had a migraine which means I didn't do much stitching and slept a ton. I could sleep another ton seeing as I feel so tired! Since I had a migraine, *the boy* (you know, the one on crutches!) was amazingly productive. He washed my dishes, he made dinner and repotted my plants. Me: I ran the errands for said dinner and potting and then slept and slept and slept. The productivity award goes to *the boy*!

I have only managed to stitch on one more motif on Edgar's QFRR but I have the feeling I can finish it all up tonight. By tomorrow, definitely. I didn't realize it was spring break so that means no yoga this week since I take classes at the local community college. No yoga = more time for stitching! Yay! It's not good news in the fight against the pudge but if the weather holds up, I'll take walks around the neighborhood.

I was also told by *the boy* that I have to get my darn act together and make a schedule and stick to it. *sigh* I've never been good at keeping to a schedule. All this stems from me going to sleep at 1am every night and waking up at 630am every day during the week which obviously isn't enough sleep which then taxes my body and I get these headaches or end up sleeping the entire weekend and moving at the same pace as a tortoise. Kind of bad for a 33 year old. Plus, for as late as I stay up, I haven't been getting very much stitching done. And then I complain very loudly about how I am not getting any stitching done and I go further into my funk. So I'll be playing around with a new schedule that will allow me more stitching time and get me to sleep earlier. We'll see how things go! Today we start....looking forward to more stitching and more sleeping!

No pictures today but come back tomorrow! :)

Until next time...


Theresa said...

I'm sorry to hear about the result of the hospital visit.....It does takes a lot of patience to heal and we can't do much but just hope for the best. At least *the boy* doesn't have to move in and that means you might have more time to stitch!! On the other hand, he does do the dishes and cook..... ^^

Natasha said...

Sorry to hear the news... you always have to remember though it may not seem like it now there is always light at the end of the tunnle..

No majic spell to cast but just good thoughts. Maybe if enough of us send good vibes your way things will turn around and his bones will heal magicly overnight :)

Take Care

Carol R said...

Sorry to hear the bad news ... so I shall send *the boy* healing thoughts over the ocean!

Can a company really ask someone to accept a 50% paycut? I hope that extends to the bosses as well but probably not as the Mercedes or BMW has to be paid for!!

And you take time for yourself. Try not to worry and get more rest!


Cheryl said...

Oh dear, feel sorry for the boy! What a hard time he's too by the sounds of it!
I dont know how you cope with such little sleep, even with an 11 week old baby im getting more than you but it still doesnt feel enough

Lisa said...

I, too, am sorry to hear about *the boy*...I will send some positive vibes from the Tri-Valley area for both of you! I believe that things happen for a reason, which isn't always revealed immediately. As always, take care of yourself!
Lisa favorite designer is suppose to come to NIHS next month, so I am planning to go as soon as they pass on a date! And I feel the need to get a little stash there:)