Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stream of Consciousness Babble

**start brain buzz

It's Wednesday but at the rate of this week, it does definitely feel like Friday. I'd give anything for it to be Friday. It's been a rough 3 days so far.

I've sleepwalked my way to work and through the morning...quite sleepy and logged onto email. *the boy* tells me he's working from home. Jealous! So wish I had a job that would let me work from home too. Laptop...jammies = heaven.

Too sleepy to work through all the grant stuff I need to focus on...will attempt these projects later.

Internal debate of what my stitchy project will be. I think I will be pulling out the Tumult fabric and Fairy Moon supplies tonight to see if the combo speaks to me and asks me to finally put that needle to fabric.

*The boy* calls me in the morning. He never calls me at work. The news: $60K hospital bill has been waived and all he owes is $200. Super relief! Then he jokes about being able to use the money (what money?!) for a Porsche! What a dork! Any extra money should go into a house fund. I will believe that he no longer owes it when we get it in writing. Good news though!

Lunchtime...not really hungry and I scope out the empty office and put my attention to the Snappers. Stems and leaf veins are stitched, Dried Thyme is examined and deemed worthy of use for the border. I feel a stitchy groove coming on. I start in on the top border over September block. Maybe if I skip yoga...I can stitch all evening. Hmmm...bad to skip yoga but good to take advantage of stitching groove.

Phone rings...*the boy* again. What is going on?! Twice in a day...very weird. Now it's bad news but not unexpected news. *The boy's* been let go so the job hunt is truly on...again. There's some relief. Unemployment actually pays him more than the job was paying him after the drastic paycut. Awful time to be looking for a job though.

Wow...lots of news in one day! *The boy* wonders what might happen next since things happen in threes. I am so buying a lottery ticket on my way home!

It's interesting dating *the boy*. Things are much more hectic and news-filled. I'm pretty quiet and introverted. He is talkative and extroverted. So I listen and he talks. When I talk, I then quiz him to make sure he is listening. He listens...that's good. Me: I walk and do yoga and watch more tv than is good and stitch. Boy: he cooks and plays guitar and watches political stuff and the stock market. We're quite different. I like to be lazy and he likes to be out. He likes making good food and I like eating it. He's happy that I don't cook because then we don't have fights about who cooks better and debates on recipes. Fine by me...I like baking. He hates baking. We're a good team that way. He cooks...I bake...we eat...we're happy. Despite the commonalities, we're quite different but we get along well.

**end brain buzz


Theresa said...

Sounds like aa good match to me~~ ;-)

Lisa said...

18 years of marriage, 1 yr of engagement and 4 years of dating...being opposites seems like a good match. Sometimes it also brings a little spice to the relationship, but usually ends pretty good!
Take care!

CindyMae said...

Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. Since I came accross it yesterday, I have spent some time browsing it and just love your work! Your stitching is gorgeous! Please feel free to visit me too! I will be back for sure!

Yoyo said...

I just adore listening to your brain buzzzzzz. I don't remember hearing the 'the boy' was a cook, you and I got lucky there, my DH is a marvelous cook. Hope you managed to squeeze in a little stitchy time....but .... that yoga is really good for you.

Meari said...

Too funny about the boy wanting to buy a porche with the money "saved" (i.e not having to pay). LOL