Thursday, July 02, 2009

Vacation - Day One

So I am officially on vacation but is it really a vacation if you aren't going anywhere or really doing anything? Since I am *so* close to paying off my credit card debt, I didn't want to book a vacation and well...I have a broken down boyfriend at the moment so that pretty much cancels out any vacation I want to take! Touristy siteseeing...hard on crutches! Beach vacation...can you even crutch on sand?! I can't imagine. So I brought a bit of the tropics to me and made some sangria. I *love* sangria but don't usually make it for myself since it's pretty much a "mmmm, tastes like punch and smacks you in the head after a glass" kind of stuff. I don't have any pretty pitchers so I'm stuck ladling it out of a plastic bowl. Note to self: buy a pretty pitcher!
See! Sangria in a bowl. =) Loaded with lemon, oranges, apple and some grapes. And I eat every bit of the booze-soaked fruit...except for the lemon of course! Love, love sangria!
Besides making sangria...and drinking it too. I spent the morning at a doctor's appointment and doing housesitting chores. Bor-ing! Once I settled in after lunch, I devoted my time to this. I finished my section on CarolR's QFRR. Yay! I completed the bottom left section. This is ready to be mailed to the last and final stitcher on this piece.
Carol R's QFRR
35ct Lambswool
HDF Imperialosity and AVAS 1743

The plan for Day Two: Get car repaired and finish christmas exchange. Let's see if I can get those two accomplished without any drama. :)

Until next time...


mainely stitching said...

Sangria is great for a holiday feel! :D Enjoy!!

Melissa said...

Hi Valerie,

I can totally empathsize about the vacation thing. I've been off this week but not going anywhere. However, it's been great as we've had nice weather. I can tell a lot of people have taken off for summer holidays so it's quieter traffic wise. You can enjoy a break in your own place, and Sangria is a great place to start!

Ann Marie said...

Mmmm ..... sangria. I think you gave me a good idea for the weekend!

Natasha said...

no matter where it is served it still tasted the same.. Enjoy your VAYCA :P

Cheryl said...

Sometimes its nice to just "vacation" at home and juts do all the things you dont normally get time to sit down and do lots of stitching LOL
Enjoy your Sangria :)

Lisa said...

Vacation (noun): a respite or a time of respite from something, intermissions, a scheduled period during which activity (as in school or court) is suspending;a period of exemption from work granted to an isn't until later in the definitions it mentions, yes, my stitching friend time off from work to stay home, drink sangrias while stitching is a vacation! And can be considered a perfect one as well!

Carol R said...

My RR looks great - thanks! Enjoy your 'holiday at home'!