Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Happenings

What a weekend! Lots and lots of happenings to talk about so hopefully I don't bore anyone. The most fun item on the agenda for the weekend was going to NiaH for a Stitchers by the Bay yahoo get together. I joined the group about two or three months ago but this was the first time that I went to a get together or met anyone from the group. I was a total newbie and the funny thing is that I am the third *Valerie* in the group! It's been a long time since I've been in the same room with another Valerie...let alone two others! I think a fun time was had by all and I got to meet Lisa and Natasha there too! I was on hyper overload. It had been over two months since my last visit to the shop and I was a shopping fiend, not to mention meeting lots of new people, hearing funny stories and seeing loads of beautiful work and finishing! It was just such an amazing day! I had such fun and despite my crazy shopping, I didn't buy out the store. Maybe next time though! I had to put my Mary Wigham fabric on order so I will be making another trip shortly. Oh, can't wait!

On Sunday, I heard from Anna who was my exchange partner for the HoE Christmas in July exchange that I was so tardy on. I cannot believe it arrived in Norway in only one week! One week...can you believe it?! Norway is really far! I received a sweet email from Anna saying she loved everything I sent her. I was so happy! I stitched her up a cute Santa ornie and a floss tag. Below is the front side:
Prairie Schooler Santa Ornament
Gift of Stitching e-Magazine
32 count Antique Ivory Belfast w/Recommended DMC
Finish: pillow ornament w/green Mill Hill glass beads

Floss Tag
Motif taken from Peppermint Twist - Blue Ribbon Designs
32 count Antique Ivory Belfast w/Recommended WDW

And here is the back of the ornie and floss tag:
And here is everything I included in the package. I was happy to find some California natural lemon drops at my local neighborhood candy shop for Anna as she said lemon is her favorite flavor! I also included ribbon, needles, backing fabric, threads and a couple of small charts. So happy she liked everything. As a funny sidenote to my exchange, my friend Claire and *the boy* both saw me working on the floss tag. They would look at the tag, look at me and be all skeptical. I had to explain that I wasn't rudely calling dear Anna a ho(e) but that the abbreviation for Hooked on Exchanging was HoE and we all referred to it as that. They didn't really buy the explanation and I was hoping Anna wouldn't get offended but she seemed to like both pieces.

Other cool weekend stuff.

I reached my goal on Sunday of having the border up to September all done. I am all caught up! Yay! Here's how it looks so far. It's hard getting a decent picture of it since it's so long!
Here's my attempt at an artistic shot. I really love those July birdies! This was taken before I finished off the you can tell. I think I will keep on keeping on with the Snappers for the week. I really like the October block and seem to be on a roll. It will be nice to work with other autumnal know...other than the blasted green!

And the perfect ending to a great weekend? On Sundays, we, me and *the boy*, like having a low-key dinner at home. He cooks and I get to stitch. I had asked him last week if he could make bread salad. He says bread stuffing...I say bread salad. We go back and forth. He doesn't get it so I say, "bread salad like they make with the roast chicken at Zuni!" And then he understood. Zuni makes awesome bread salad and roasted is very, very good as well as very expensive. I had the wonderful chance at trying it with AM last year and she blogged about it here. Now that I am dating this total foodie, "I went to culinary school" boyfriend, I like challenging him once in a while. He tells me I have to eat better and stop laying off the popcorn. So this was my attempt at eating healthier.
And here is it. Bread salad and roasted chicken a la Zuni. It was pretty yum...crispy skin, tender meat, soaked bread with crispy outsides, toasted pinenuts, sweet currants and the bitter kick from the arugala. It was pretty spot on and I'm not just saying that. Mr. I Went to Culinary School sometimes has disasters and I end up eating popcorn. I wish there was more bread salad!! Wow, it was really good.

And that was the end to a great weekend! I hope everyone had a great weekend too.

Until next time...


Daffycat said...

Ooo, awesome excange, Valerie! That floss tag is wonderful, I'm sure Anna was thrilled with it!

Carol R said...

How exciting for you to go to the Stitchers Group at NIAH.

Love your exchange package you did for Anna especially the floss tag!

If *the boy* feels like cooking for me - tell him he's always welcome in my house!

Missy Ann said...

I saw that exchange, I didn't put it together that you were the stitcher. I thought it was wonderful!

Dinner looks yummy too. :)

Melissa said...

Oh, so not fair. As I read your post and see that yummy food and reference to Zuni, I am waiting for dinner - very hungry am I!

What a great exchange! I think I commented about that on Anna's blog. Great stitching!

Theresa said...

Sounds like you had a FABULOUS weekend!!!! How fun is it to meet new people at NiaH~~ And home made dinner by *the boy*?! That looked delicious!!!!
You exchange package is amazing!!! I love all the pieces you stitched~ They are very beautiful!!!!!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Everything looks great.... as usual. I am still waiting for my Hoe fob. To bad that I am not part of any stitching group...... :)
peace out

Yoyo said...

Hello there. I haven't had a chance to stop by for awhile. Your vacation sounds like it was pretty good over all. I love Sangria and many many years ago got this stunning very plain glass but beautiful shaped pitcher just for it, it makes it soooooo much more fun, as if Sangria needs to be more fun (LOL). I think it's cool that you challenge *the boy* to make different foods. I do that to DH all the time, his most recent thing is bruschetta to go with his already great lasgana, way cool.

I left you a surprise on my last blog post, hope you like it.

Lisa said...

Congratulations on obtaining the border goal you set for yourself. There isn't too much more left to do (I assume) so I am sure you will be posting that as a finish before the end of the month :)
Wow...what a wonderful *boy* and talented in the world of culinary arts. Great ending to a perfect weekend!
Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the GTG :)

You did a great exchange for Anna too, both pieces are lovely!

Glad that *the boy* made a lovely meal for you, you deserve it :)

Katrina said...

Glad you had such a nice weekend! A trip to the LNS makes for a perfect day :-). Love all your stitching pieces.

Sunday dinner looks yummy!

Natasha said...

Okay 1) That dinner looks awesome and 2) Popcorn I thought was part of the food group ;)

It was a great time on Saturday. You BC is coming along great. Once finished how are you going to finish such a long piece.

Take Care and hope your work week treats you well.

Carla said...

Great exchange!!! The floss tag and ornie are beautiful!

Meari said...

Wow, so much to comment on!

How fun that you got to meet online stitchers, eh? I've always enjoyed the "meetings" I've had.

Your exchange looks great! So glad Anna liked it. Always makes one feel good, doesn't it?

LOL @ "I went to culinary school". What's wrong with popcorn? It's low fat and a pretty healthy snack.

Your WIP looks great :)

CindyMae said...

What a gorgeous package you sent!!! Your stitching is looking fantastic, great progress! The food looks super yummy!