Friday, July 03, 2009

Vacation - Day Two

Day two of vacation was the type of day where at 8pm, you wonder what the heck happened to the day. Have you ever felt that way? It was fairly uneventful yet busy. The car got a wonderful spa treatment...tune-up, oil change and car wash. For being a 12 year old car, it's looking pretty nice at the moment!

Since I was carless for the better part of the day, I was left with walking everywhere. I walked home from the mechanic which is about a 3/4 mile, then my friend Claire came by and we went on a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood and then 3/4 miles back to the mechanic. Once reunited with the car, I ran some errands and went back home and it was 6pm! Any free time I had was spent on the computer. Amazing how time flies when attached to the internet machine so needless to say, my goal of finishing my exchange has been postponed to Day #3. Boo! So disappointed with myself!

The highlight of my day was receiving my HoE Christmas In July exchange from Jayne. Here's what she sent me.

I received a beautifully stitched christmas tree ornament from Jayne! Stitched over 1 and with beautiful gold beads attached. I love it! It took *the boy* a few minutes to realize that the hidden message of "joy" was imbedded in the stitching. :)
And here is the entire package from Jayne. She included lots of useful things like needles, floss rings, floss bobbins, some metallic threads, a cut of fabric and a cute little kit. Everything will come in quite handy!Jayne, thanks for the wonderful exchange!!

Goal for Day Three of vacation: finish my own exchange which is now late!

Until next time...

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Dani - tkdchick said...

You received a beautiful exchange!!!