Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...Help!

Anyone close to me knows that when it comes to making decisions...I am hopeless. I ask all my friends what they think on the things I am not 100% positive about. I think they are so used to it now, they don't even blink an eye. When it comes to stitching, I am very happy to have great blogging friends and a great staff at my local LNS. Last month, I went to NiaH to buy fabric for Mary Wigham.
With help, I picked Lakeside Linens Fawn. It's a nice linen but outside my comfort zone. I don't think I've stitched on anything this dark before. I had to put the linen on order since they didn't have a piece big enough. Well, the linen got delayed indefinitely, I cancelled my order, found a piece of Vintage Fawn at another shop instead and then heard from my LNS saying they will dye sooner than expected and so I got a piece anyways. Now I have a piece of 40 ct. Lakeside Linens Vintage Fawn and Regular Fawn. Apparently, I'm a nutcase. My dilemna is that I am scared it's too dark. Amazingly, when I took this picture this afternoon, I felt very "Hey, it looks pretty good" but at night, when I've been doing my toss the past couple of days, I've been very apprehensive that maybe I didn't make a good choice. (yes, Mary...I'm freaking out!!). So below is my toss. Vintage Fawn is on the top and Regular Fawn is on the bottom. There is a noticable difference between the two I think and I prefer the Vintage Fawn(top). This indecisiveness probably wasn't helped by some other shop owner telling me that I was nuts to use Fawn because that's darker than anyone else was using. Hence the current anxiety over fabric and thread. Shouldn't I be worrying about bigger things?!

So what do you all think?You can tell me...I can take it! Is it ok? Is it a go? Is it too dark? Should I go back and look for something lighter? *sigh* Having fun shouldn't be this hard! Either way, I'll probably go to NiaH to have a mini stitch-in and relax someplace that doesn't require laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, errands to be run. This girl is tired!

Ok...time to go but I'll be back with my Tuesday update.

Until next time...


Dianne said...

I think that the colors look awesome on that fabric! Great choice!

Katrina said...

No I think it's great. I played with my conversion a bit more, looks like you are using it, you may like the greens and blues more on your linen. I am using Examplar and it's pretty dark too.

725 GAST Whiskey
407 GAST Woodrose
Blanc GAST Shaker White
739 GAST Flax
Ecru GAST Lambswool
746 GAST Straw Bonnet
963 CC Rosy Glow
3768 GAST Teal Frost
519 CC Deep Fennel
3052 WDW Kudzu
930 GAST Brethren Blue
927 WDW Dove
356 WDW Baked Apple
3857 CC Red Currant
310 WDW Charcoal
934 WDW Juniper
433 WDW Chestnut
435 WDW Pecan
3855 WDW Straw
3822 GAST Gold Leaf
225 CC Rosy Glow
352 WDW Red Pear

Missy Ann said...

This indecisiveness probably wasn't helped by some other shop owner telling me that I was nuts to use Fawn because that's darker than anyone else was using.

And if everyone else was jumping off the bridge would you?

*shesh* Everyone else is boring, I for one am an individual. And so are you. :D

FayeRaye said...

Go for it! Fawn 40 ct looks real good to me...Go ahead..take the leap of faith as I am sure it will look just fine...I promise! Faye

Melissa said...

Did that person really say "you're nuts to use Fawn?" If so, that's not very nice!

From the photo it looks fine. I know photos usually wash out colours more and I have never seen Fawn. However, I know the first time I came across LL Meadow Rue for a project. I couldn't believe it was the same as what was in the photo. However, after I began stitching with it I loved it and that's how I got onto 'darker' linens.

Go for it! You may find a new 'addiction'!

Lisa said...

I think that your original color choice looks great. I wouldn't change just because of someone's else's opinion! That is the neat thing about this SAL - everyone is starting from the same pattern, but each is very unique and "their own". So - it sounds like you are set to start...let me know!

The Daily Mel said...

I had the same initial thought as Missy Ann. Who cares what everyone else is doing?! Fawn, vintage or otherwise, is one of my favorite colors of Lakeside Linen. It's what I probably would have used if I would have had a large enough piece in my stash. I think either would be fine. I tend to use the vintage colors for repro samplers I think they help aid to the antique look. Looking forward to seeing your progress once you get started. :)

Mary Elizabeth said...

Dear Valerie,
I think it is wonderful to worry about color, fabric, light and thread. It is what I do as much as I possibly can.
One thing I have learned working at NiaH is that the best work always reflects the stitcher. You are easily one of the best stitchers I know. Now just do what you feel is best. Really. It will look great. And if not... you try it on the other fabric. No harm done.
However, i can't resist giving an opinion. I can honestly say that I like both.

Theresa said...

Isn't picking out the threads and fabrics the hardest thing?! I totally understand how you feel as I am a very indecisive person myself!!! I like your choices, though, I think the vintage one looks nice with your threads~ Go for it!!

Ranae said...

I think the colors are beautiful together.
If you think your fabby is dark? did you see my MW WIP?

Melissa said...

I think your floss toss looks great on both fabrics. Why should you use what everyone else is using?

Use what you like. Otherwise you'll get burned out and it will be an UFO.

Michelle said...

I think it's beautiful. I've been second-guessing one of my projects all day today after getting some comments trying to talk me out of it last night. I caved and ordered new fabric. But I LOVE the Fawn, I think it will be beautiful and the colors will really pop on it.

Meari said...

I think it looks fine!