Sunday, May 01, 2005

Another One Bites The Dust...

"And another one gone, and another one gone. Another one bites the dust..."

Any Queen fans out there? This is starting to become my dating mantra. I date and then they leave...either on their own or I shove them away because they are lewd, crazy, stalkers, dull beyond belief or their is no romantic chemistry.

In the case of Guy #3...I guess I claim the latter. There can be chemistry between two people based on similar likes and dislikes and personalities and you hit it off all fine and dandy. And when the time comes to kiss, make out are left with "what the fuck is this?!" repeating over and over in your head. You break away, go back in to double check that what just happened wasn't really happening and unfortunately, since you went back was happening again! Ewwww! It was awful! I basically cut the date short...I had a good excuse. Tired and had a long Friday ahead of me and left things open ended with Guy #3.

Over the following few days, I've thought about the situation and talked it out with some friends who were divided between me being the teacher and showing him what he was doing wrong and those that were "no chemistry, dump him". I've decided to go with the latter on this too. I'm not in a position to be teaching the 30 year old man the basics. He's 30! You've gotta hope he's kissed, frenched and necked at least a few women in his day especially if he's up on Match. And if he can't do that...I'm a little worried about dealing, teaching him the basics and getting to the next step (and we all know what the next step would be) and find out he's awful at that too. Oh my gawd...the blow would be too great!

The situation would be different if we were friends for a while and discovered this farther down the line and there was more time and feelings invested in this "relationship"...but we're talking Match here. Things move faster than normal, guys and gals have things on the agenda that require quick movement for the most part. Or it would be different if I just had to fine tune certain things...not do a whole reconstruction and lesson plan. Yea, this was not what I was bargaining for and it's not something I am willing to take on either.

So that is the end of my trio of guys. Now I just need to figure out how to break the news to Guy #3. God, I hate this part!!

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Anonymous said...

I can see the argument for being the "teacher". But I also know firsthand about how ridiculous it is to have to "teach" some guy in their 20s how to kiss etc. (remember S?). I say that you do what you feel comfortable with and what you think will give you the bigger payoff in the end.

Give me a call if your plans change today; I'm already in SF.