Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby Hats!!

After my discovery of the doomed demise of Block #1 of my afghan, I decided to turn my attention to the baby hat I had wanted to make for a co-worker expecting a baby boy any day now. So I pulled out my little ball of pale blue yarn and cast on to make my little hat. Well, starting the baby hat didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked. I REALLY am rusty with these needles! The first time I tried, I only cast on 70 stitches instead of the required 72 so that was all wrong and I had to frog the little bit I started. So I tried again and cast on the right amount but when I tried to join the yarn, the stitches got all twisted and would have made for a screwed up edge/rim to the hat so I had to frog again! Grrr!! First the afghan, now the hat...I was getting very frustrated! But I prevailed and cast on again and things went smoothly for the most part. So I've got a pale blue hat to show plus a lavendar one that I had on my double points that I had to weave the loose threads on so I could use the double points for the blue hat. Here are the baby hats!
I realize I've been posting a lot about crafts so I'll have to find the time to talk about my first date of '08 tomorrow...hopefully.

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Ann Marie said...

You almost make me want to have a baby so that said baby could have a handmade hat from Auntie V. Note I said "almost" -- I haven't lost my mind yet!