Monday, January 07, 2008

Stitchy Progress Report

Ok, I finally was able to take some picture of my stitchy progress so I can share. And I've made pretty decent progress on Sweet Dreams. It's been slow going. Mainly because the colors are all over the place and I have to stop and start again versus carrying over. I'm doing this as kitted since it's my first stocking and I didn't want to spend even more money on nice linen and high quality threads so it's just a cream aida and supplied threads. I'm not really fond of this floss though. It seems to knot up and shread with the constant handling and pass through the fabric which is highly annoying! I feel like I should have a pair of tweezers so I can pick out any little loosened lint so it doesn't blend in with other colors. But I'm determined to make it work. I was hoping to be farther along by now but I do have to admit I'm having fun with it. I did have a little challenge with myself. I wanted to finish the window and frame and move onto the red in the Santa before I put it aside and started working on my fob exchange and I finally reached that point on Sunday. Here's how it looks fo far.

I finally finished Plumpkin! Actually, I finished stitching it a while ago but I lost one of the star buttons, then I ordered some spares online but I ordered the wrong color (honey versus yellow) and then just ended up picking up the right button when I stopped by my LNS a couple of weeks back and then had to pick up the right color floss at Michael's. Regular DMC floss costs twice as much at the LNS than at Michael's and considering how much I spend on this craft, I can stand to save a few pennies somewhere. I'm hoping to find some cool halloween fabric and making this into a wall hanging once I fine-tune my sewing skills. Ok, I have to stop kidding myself. I need to learn some sewing skills before I can fine-tune them!

This weekend, I'll be in Vancouver, WA visiting a friend of mine and her family. I'll be bringing Sweet Dreams and the scissor fob stuff so I can stitch and relax with her. I'm wondering if my plans will be foiled by her cute and charming two year old daughter. I have the feeling that despite my "dear gawd, no kids" mentality, little Kassie will win my heart. Although...there is also the chance that my current mentality will be further reinforced. I am looking forward to a weekend away in the company of my friend whether I get to stitch or not.

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