Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sick but Busy...

I'm tired...and behind...on everything! It didn't help that I've spent the last week sick and that I had too much of a good time at a company retirement party on Friday night so most of Saturday was a complete waste! Oh well, it's the having a good time part which is most important in that whole scenario. Despite being sick and incredibly tired and achy, I did have an enjoyable weekend. There was the retirement party...200 guests, fun music and lots of great people to hang out with. This was a company party though so it was interesting to see who got how drunk and what inappropriate things they said or did. Most likely, they won't even remember most of the events from the day. Gawd knows I don't even remember how I stayed out so late. Next thing I knew, it was 1am! Hence, Saturday being a day of rest. I was too tired, sick and ok, I'll be a little honest here, hungover to do much of anything that day. Things looked better on Sunday when I caught a double feature at the Stanford and saw "Notorious" and "The Philidelphia Story" with Cary Grant and had an awesome meal at Nola's nearby. Monday was another social day where I went to see a friend I hadn't seen in a while and we had lunch at Q and watched "No Country for Old Men" at the remodeled AMC Kabuki. I didn't care for the movie and I didn't really like that they made you pick your assigned seats when you bought the tickets but there is loads of leg room (very important for a tall girl!), the seats are super comfy and they have a bar! So that was the extent of my weekend. Sadly...there was no cleaning or laundry done so now my apartment is in dire straits! Looks like I will have to devote this coming weekend to cleaning.

I finally managed to work all the red in Santa's jacket and the tree in my Sweet Dreams Stocking and set aside that project to finally finish my scossor fob. I'm not a very strong sewer which is sad as my mom is a seamstress by trade. It took me most of the evening yesterday to stitch and stuff the fob and attach the ribbon. Not bad for my first fob ever! I think I will need to make a practice one for myself to see how people do cording and tassels. Those look so nice but I didn't want to try something seemingly complex my first time at bat. What if I completely messed it up?! I'd have been very frustrated and sad. I got everything packaged and mailed off to my exchange partner today and I hope it's well-received. Once she gets the package, I'll post picks.

I am setting aside my stitching needles for knitting least for the next week or two. I decided to start a 12-block afghan in yummy reds and pinks and started my cast on last night. The yarn (malabrigo) is a dream to work with so I want to make some decent progress in my first block before I get sidetracked by my cross stitch projects. My goal is to do one block per month and at the end of the year, I will have 12 blocks to sew up into an afghan. Depending on how the size comes out, I may make it a 16 block afghan since I'll have enough yarn on hand. But it's one block at a time for now. I'll be using the Manos Block of the Month pattern book with my Malabrigo yarn and will make one of each block. Block #1 is a textured rib pattern that I will knit up in "Geranio", a lovely reddish-pink color. I do seem to be in a red kick lately. I'll probably be sick of it by the time I finish this afghan project! But if everything goes according to plan, the afghan will match my living room perfectly and be added warmth in my chilly living room. I'm looking forward to this little project and mastering my meager and yet forgotten sewing skills. As a small side project, I'll try to whip up a light blue baby cap for a co-worker who is expecting a baby boy soon.

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