Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Funny Stories

I just realized that I've had blog-worthy things happening despite my non-dating status but I keep forgetting to write about them. Or maybe I think that my reading public only wants to hear about my crazy dating stories?! I don't know but I'll share my stories, dating or otherwise anyways.

Earlier this month, I had to go to the eye doctor for my yearly checkup. Those who actually know me in real life know that my yearly checkups are important because I'm blind as a bat and don't want to get any blinder! Hey, the possibility is there with the hours I put in at the computer and stitching. Earlier that day, one of the engines stopped by the office to drop off paperwork and they needed help with some computer stuff so I helped out and they went on their way. Yea, I work for a fire department and it's really nothing to fawn over. These guys are like my older brothers and I am their loudmouth annoying younger sister! Helping them out is all part of the job and I get to fine-tune my sarcastic remarks. Anyways, fast forward to the afternoon and I need to head to the eye doctor for my appointment and things are going well...I hadn't gotten any blinder so far and the doctor asked me to switch from the contacts I was presently wearing to my glasses. The doctor had to leave the office to grab something and then all of a sudden I hear, "oh, there she is!!" and I turn around half blind, since I had just taken one of my contacts out, and see the same engine crew that had been at the office earlier. I scrambled to take the other contact out and slap my glasses on to see why they were there. At first, I thought one of them had to stop by for their own visual needs until they said that my coworkers had told them that I was at the eye doctor and they decided that they would come and visit me at the doctor's office. Talk about embarrassing! The real reason they tracked me down at the office was because they were giving out Starbucks gift cards to all the girls as christmas presents on behalf of the union and that they wanted to do it personally to each one of us. That, of course, is amazingly sweet but I couldn't help but feel embarrassed that I was the cause of the firemen scene at my eye doctor's office. They went on their way and I continued my eye exam. My eye doctor (she's female) was all flustered and excited to have a story to tell her family about how the *hunky* firemen stopped by her office for a special delivery for one of her patients. Oh gawd...see....embarrassing! But sweet...

Other interesting stuff...guys from my past coming back. Some I'm curious about and others not so much. One is the firemen that acted just like the stereotype. I'm not sure what his agenda is but I'm not really eager to find out. We just chat on the phone and crack jokes to each other and that to me is fun. We've been doing that for the past month and I haven't been pressed to schedule a time to hang out in person. He's suggested it but like most guys, he's vague about a day and time and without a set day or time, I'll flake on anything. I don't work well with the *play it by ear* philosophy of scheduling. But if you give me a day and a time, then I'll definitely be there. The other guy is someone who's emailed me off of match and frankly he seems like a nice guy but his eagerness and desperate air turns me off and makes me a little nervous. If I give him anything that truly links him to me, will he abuse it? I'm not really interested in finding out.

So for the holidays I got a wide array of gift cards. I'm the type of person that would prefer that someone try to *figure it out* and give me something that they put some thought into that they think I would like rather than get a generic gift card but sometimes I am thankful for them and this was one of those years. I was hoping for Crate and Barrel gift cards since there's new dinnerware, glassware and a wine cabinet that I've been eyeing for months. I was hoping with birthday (October) and Christmas, I'd rack in some Crate and Barrel dough with the hints I dropped. No such luck on the Crate and Barrel gift cards but I got loads of other ones so I decided that I would try and barter. I posted my ads on Craigslist and had mediocre luck. Some guy wrote me saying he'd buy them at half their value. I don't know who in their right mind would accept that offer! That's a rip-off! What an idiot...I took that as an insult especially as my ad was specifically for a trade/barter only! One guy asked for a trade in weed. Yea, no thank you...not a pothead and never was one to begin with. And then some other guy asked for a trade in *cough* sexual acts. Gah! Seriously, San Francisco is a lovely and wonderful place but there are some weird freaky people out there. In telling my weird contacts with people to a friend, she offered to do a trade with me since she had a Crate and Barrel card and just about any girl can use a Nordstrom card if they aren't presently lusting after plates! And I did get one sincere offer from a guy who wanted to do a similar trade. So we arranged a time and public place to meet to do the trade and he seemed very nice and sincere. He was chatty as I was checking balances on my phone when he suddenly asked me how old I was. Odd question I thought. So I asked him how old he thought I was and he said 23! I was ready to hug the guy! He was kind of cute and older but frankly, I don't know why he was asking about my age anyways when I already knew he had a girlfriend. But that comment made this 32 year old girl very happy! It was a nice ending to my year and now I have a good amount of Crate and Barrel money to buy my dinnerware....yay!

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AM said...

Yes, your readers definitely want to hear general funny stories in addition to the dating stories. So when do I get to have a meal served to me on that great new dinnerware? ;)