Saturday, January 19, 2008

Vancouver Overview

It looks like I've fallen a little behind on my posting. I went away for a very nice and relaxing trip to Vancouver, Washington last weekend and have been trying to catch up since. I had been planning to visit an old friend and her family for three days and it was great seeing her. It's funny how we met. She used to be my downstairs neighbor in this crummy little apartment building I used to live in in the Richmond District. I remember that we moved into the building around the same time and despite it only being a 4-unit building, it wasn't until a year after moving that we bumped into each other at the mailbox. After exchaging pleasantries and introductions, we became great neighbors. Honestly, she took care of me a lot. I was always busy working, dating and living up to the demands of elderly parents who depended on me for far too much. I'm hardly a chef and she loved to cook and I would often get calls asking if I would like to come downstairs for dinner. Of course!! I love homecooked food more than I love leftovers! After many dinners, conversations in front of the tv and playing with her cat, Fuzzle, we finally discovered that we had the love of craftiness. Then I started to bring my projects downstairs ans stitch on her couch and chat. It was probably more estrogen than her poor husband could deal with but he was always a good sport. About a year later, they moved to Portland, had a baby and then moved to Vancouver.

It was my first trip to Vancouver and I absolutely loved the relaxation. I did think it was interesting that just two hours before I landed in Portland Airport, there was a tornado that hit in Vancouver. Luckily, it didn't affect the neighborhood my friend lives in. Tornados in the Pacific Northwest?!? That's completely out of my league...I deal with earthquakes, not tornadoes. But the weekend was filled with chatter, shopping, crafting, playing with Fuzzle and Kassie (my friend's 2.5 year old daughter) and movies. It was a great weekend. My friend's husband cooked us amazing breakfasts and dinners (yum!) and I felt completely rested and spoiled. I had such a great time.

But it was back to reality the moment I landed in Oakland. I got home to chores that had to be done and errands to run. To a personal inbox with 40 emails and a work inbox of 34 emails and a pile of personal and work email. So you can just imagine what I've been trying to do all week...catch up! I'm pretty caught up but still behind on some projects at work and well, the apartment has been getting messier instead of cleaner. I think the cold/flu bug I caught over the weekend hasn't helped me much. I haven't been able to get any cleaning done or very much stitching.

While I was in Vancouver, I was able to do some good progress on Santa's jacket in my Sweet Dreams stocking. I'll have to take another picture soon to share. I also started on my scissor fob for my exchange and have finished the stitching this week. Now I just need to construct the fob. I'm hoping to get that all done and in the post on Tuesday or Wednesday of the new week. I really hope that my exchange partner likes it. I'll post pictures of it and the goodies once my partner receives it. I want to start a new project but am holding off. I'm not a good juggler and can only handle one or two projects at a time. I don't know how people out there juggle more than 4 projects at a time. Plus, I will be busting out my knitting needles (and blowing the dust off of them) to start a 12-month afghan project. We'll see how it goes. It's been about a year since I've knit anything but I could totally improve my knitting skills. I figure that this afghan project will be a good choice as it consists of 12 blocks that are then sewn together to create an afghan. Each block is constucted using a different pattern, different stitch and a different color. Plus, the finished project is something that anyone can use. I'm choosing a medley of red and pink varigated yarn to match my living room decor. I'm looking forward to it and maybe meeting some new crafty ladies. I'm hoping to meet ALL my stitchy goals this year. Wish me luck!

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