Thursday, June 12, 2008

Egglings and Nyokkis

Well, I've gone ahead and done it! After ooohing and aaahing over Carol R's eggling and eagerly watching its growth process, I've gone ahead and bought my own plus a couple of little buddies to keep it company. I decided on the basil eggling in the hopes that having fresh basil handy will inspire me to cook. That's a complete and utter laugh since 1.) I can barely keep plants alive and 2.) I cook at most two times a year. But we'll see. Hopefully I won't kill it and I will be inspired. While looking at the website to find out how to order the precious eggling, I saw the Nyokkis and they are too cute to pass up! They are grass plants and once the grass (aka hair) grows in, you can style it. How cool! so I bought the froggie and the chickie. Here they are in a row. Don't they look too cute?!
I took the picture above a couple of days ago and already I can see little bits of grass and buds of basil growing. So fast! But then, my apartment is very warm and I think it's conducive to them growing provided I remember to water them. I'll post progress snaps once the plants really start to noticeably grow.


Ann Marie said...

I am so going to jump on this bandwagon ... too adorable!

Carol R said...

An eggling and Nyokkis - wow! I will watch their progress. I am still waiting for my eggling to flower - the buds are there - they are taking ages to open - I was expecting pink but it looks white. I am thinking of putting it outside in the sunshine.