Sunday, June 29, 2008

NiaH Meetup

Yesterday, I had a very special meetup planned. I was to meet Edgar! The last time I was at NiaH a couple of weeks ago, Mary told me I had missed Edgar by three hours. That was it! I couldn't handle being so close to another stitchy blogger and not know them so I emailed Edgar and asked if he was willing to meet me at NiaH the next time he needed to go as I would love to meet him. I figured NiaH was neutral territory and Mary would be there to protect him in case he thought I may be a loony and plus she could vouch for me and tell him I was cool and seriously, non-loony. So Saturday was the day and I was excited! The minute I stepped into the shop, we were stuck to each other like glue. We chatted and chatted and chatted and would take a few minutes to look around and grab something and we would chat and chat and chat again! The next thing we knew, we had blown two hours and had to go refill the parking meters. We were both chatty cathies and I loved every minute of it. Despite all the chatting, we did managed to get a bit of shopping done and I did truly selfish shopping this time around. Below is my haul:
I came out of NiaH with the La-D-Da Zippity Do Da chart as well as the Heart in Hand Mr Byrd chart as I love snowmen! I bought a half yard of some 32 count linen for my Bent Creek Snappers project and have some leftover for some smalls which will be nice. I also bought the border snappers for the Snappers project and a couple of skeins of Belle Soie silk to try out in Grape Juice and Sister Scarlett. These shades are just lovely and it feels divine! Oh and I can't wait to get started on selfish stitching. Just one more gift to make.

So NiaH was loads of fun and I am so happy to have met Edgar and know another stitchy exchange blogger in real life. Thanks for making the time for me Edgar!

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Carol R said...

Sounds like and Edgar had a great time and you got stash too.