Monday, June 30, 2008

Growing Nyokkis

Wow...look how much Froggie and Chickee have grown! And this picture was taken last week. Truly behind on blogging here. I can't believe how fast the Nyokkis are growing! You will notice that the Eggling is sadly absent from the picture. The last heatwave made my front room such a sundrenched sauna that the eggling almost died! I knew something like that would happen! I rushed it to a shadier darker room in the apartment and gave it lots of water and love and urged it to live and thank did. It's resusitated and is slowly growing again.
But here are the smiling Nyokkis. I've since moved the Nyokkis to the darker room since they were starting to look a little fried too. That front room just gets so much sun! I'll post another progress pic soon to include the Eggling.


Carol R said...

They are so cute!

Yuko said...

Oh! They are sold in Japan, too!
Actually my Grass dog has died, I want to one of these!! :D
They are so lovely!