Friday, June 06, 2008

Two Weeks in Review

Well, I've had this window open for the past 5 hours or so and haven't been able to write a word. So I'm just going to wing it since I don't seem to have structured thought. The past week has been quite busy and emotional in many ways and as many have noticed, I'm a little "wound up".

My trip to Dallas went as well as could be expected. I hadn't been in three years and everything stayed pretty much the same with the exception of seeing my sister's new old house. It's an older house they moved to in a different neighborhood hence it being a new (to them) old house. The weather practically knocked me flat! It was 95 degrees and humid yet it looked quite deceiving. When I would look out the window, it looked overcast and cold but once I would step outside, it was "Ooooffff" and I would have to rush to where ever there was air conditioning. I went to Dallas because it was my neice's 8th grade graduation and she is in the throes of teenagerdom. Hard to believe I was like that as a kid but I know full well that I was. All in all, it was a nice weekend with family. The trip back to mecca aka home was not so nice. It took me 10 hours, from the moment I stepped foot into Dallas - Fort Worth Airport to the moment I retrieved my bag at SFO to get home. Ten whole hours!! It was awful. Maybe if I had a good iPod, a trvel dvd player and a few airplane size bottles of good whiskey, I could endure 10 hours of what should normally take 4 hours max. Sober and without fun electronic toys...not so much. First, my flight got cancelled but that wasn't until they had boarded half the people on the plane and then tried to determine what the mystery mechanical issue with the plane was. I feel bad for the people who had boarded already. I have made the master decision of hitting the ladies room before attempting to board since those teeny airplane bathrooms are awful! Good decision on my part since I got to walk around the terminal and pace around the gate while trying to figure out what the heck was going on versus being stuck on the plane. The flight was downright cancelled after 1.5 hours of the quasi-boarding. My attempt to get onto the next flight failed and I was stuck on the last flight landing into SFO. By the time I've talked to multiple gate agents trying to get onto a flight, tried to get a better seat and had to get to a completely different terminal, I was beyond cranky and frustrated. Thank goodness for some friendly Texans and Maker's Mark at the nearest bar I could find. The drink took the edge off and I waited out my flight. It was one long, awful day!

I returned to tons of chores and errands to run. I also had to visit with the folks and then send them off for their annual trip. It was immediately usual. It was also my last week at yoga and I started the Bar Method classes. Sheesh, those classes kick ass. Hopefully I will see or feel some results soon. Because of the crazy and hectic, I was late mailing my Freebie HoE Exchange. Shame on me! But I was only two days late and my partner should receive it soon. I hope she likes it...I wish I had had the time to be more adventurous with my finishing but at the point I was at, I just had to get it off into the mail.

I am back to status single on the dating front which I'm not very happy about but I'll get happy soon and back into the dating moshpit shortly. If anyone knows any cute, tall, single guys who are employed and not into polygomous relations, send them my way. Dating in the city is just insanity and I am slowly losing my patience with it.

Now that dating is nonexistent and my class is over, I'll be focusing on exercising and stitching.

I was going to write more but it has literally taken me a week to write this post. I seem to have severe writer's block at the moment!


Carol R said...

Welcome back to blogland Valerie - I was beginning to wonder if you were ok. I sent you an email - I hope it arrived ok?

Can't help with any single young men for you but I can send you nice thoughts!

Speak soon - hugs

Barbeeque4 said...

Great to have you back!! Sorry about all the flying issues.