Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday...Friday? Thursday...

It's only Thursday and it so completely feels like Friday. I always feel so disoriented when my body clock thinks it's later than it really is. But then, I have really been working my body a lot more than it's used to. I'm slowly becoming addicted to Bar Method even though it truly kicks my ass. I come out of there walking like an old lady sometimes but it's a good ache. I know I'm working muscles that I have probably never worked out before. Because of the workouts, I come home, eat, shower, check mail and go to sleep. I don't have time for anything else and stitching has definitely been placed on the backseat lately. I don't want stitching on the backseat though. I want to be able to juggle everything...I just need another 2 hands and maybe 4 hours to the day.

I finally was able to start stitching on my quaker animal exchange and decided to check in on that blog and lo and behold...almost everyone is done?! OMG, the deadline is still 18 days away! Now I feel like a slacker and more behind. So I decided to devote this weekend to stitching so I can complete the quaker animal exchange and my christmas in july exchange. When I am not stitching, I will be going to Bar Method, getting my nails done or doing laundry. Those are the things on the weekend agenda.

I also know I am addicted to bar Method when I'd rather exercise than go out on a date. I guess that's good...right?!

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Carol R said...

Don't you just hate that - think it's Friday and it's not especially on a Monday :o)

Good luck with your stitchy weekend and remember Bar Method does you good and it won't break your heart!