Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random Thoughts

It's still so busy and I have loads of thoughts racing through my head...and of course, no stitchy progress or pictures outside of the exchanges I will be mailing out very, very soon.

I am so tired that I could probably fall asleep at my desk, sitting up right this right now. I've cancelled my workout appointment for this evening so I can literally fall into bed. There is plenty of other stuff I can and need to do but my body is telling me, in a very annoying way, that I had better take it easy and get a good night's sleep for once. I think I had better listen.

I'm getting a little tired of how my blog look and am trying to pick a new template but can't seem to find anything that totally feels like me and that I'd want me and my readers to look at everyday. I wonder if anyone has a good lead on blog templates or an inexpensive web designer who would be patient with a simple but non-techy customer.

How the heck do people work out everyday and still have the time and energy for work, dating, family, kids, cleaning and cooking? I can barely handle working out 4 times a week. Three times a week is manageable.

I need to find a good storage system for my cross stitch and finishing supplies because now I end up trashing my place each time an exchange is due to find the pins, fabric, trim, scissors and such from my current big supply bin. I need something with drawers or compartments that are easy to get too and easy to see. This will be an upcoming project.

There is way too much fun stuff going on in the city and not enough time.

I don't understand how come my recent dating prospects are carless. Ummm, that makes dating difficult is I'm the one who is playing the "guy role". I've played it before and it gets old fast. I would feel lost without a car and even had one the whole time I actually lived in the city limits. This now makes me feel like I have to go through the series of questions that Lisa Kudrow's character asks of her dating prospects in P.S. I Love You. Which was a cute chick flick by the way.

I've been on a little shopping spree and can't wait for the mailman to visit my apartment. I am waiting for an Ott-lite task lamp delivery from Joann's, some threadholders from Monique, lots of overdyed floss from Stitching Bits and Bobs since they were having a sale and some Bar Method dvds I bought through eBay. Ohhh...lots of stuff....better lay off the spending.

And I can't wait til it Friday yet?!

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CraftyT said...

Guess what? It's Friday!!

This is a site I found and used one of her templets. I found some very nice ones and I picked a vintage design for my blog.
Have a great weekend!