Monday, June 30, 2008

The Mom Project...Unveiled

Wow, I actually have a stitchy picture to show. It's a miracle! This is actually an oldie but goodie now. Here is the final framed Love You Mom by Bent Creek sampler that I made my mom for Mother's Day. I was so frazzled when I picked this piece up from the framers and gave it to my mom, that I forgot to take a picture. And then each time I've gone to my parent's since, I kept forgetting the camera. But this time I remembered! My mom immediately put it up on the wall after I gave it to her and so the background is blah since my parents have boring white walls.
Love you Mom by Bent Creek
32 count Lakeside Linens Vintage Light Examplar
Recommended Threads with the following exceptions:
WDW Hazelnut instead of GAST Harvest Basket
WDW Chestnut instead of WDW Cocoa
Frame: Goldish Metallic w/lattice pattern


Carol R said...

Love You Mom is gorgeous! Ummm I have boring white walls too :o)

Yuko said...

Valerie, your Love You Mom is so beautiful stitched on beautiful linen!!
Mine wasn't so good, I'm sorry to my mum, lol
I didn't went to framer, so it also wasn't good, hahaha
Your's is speciall!
I bet your mum will treasure it forever!!!

Barbeeque4 said...

It turned out just great!!! The frame really sets it off nicely!!!